Five Things You Don't Know About Dylan Riley Snyder

Five Things You Don't Know About Dylan Riley Snyder

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Dylan Riley Snyder

For two seasons Dylan Riley Snyder has played Milton, the geeky martial arts enthusiast, on Disney XD's "Kickin' It." And while Snyder claims he and Milton are alike in certain ways, including a love of learning and hanging out with friends, the actor's interests go far beyond the scope of Milton's karate world in the dojo. From Broadway musicals to Einstein to juggling, Snyder has more than a few tricks up his sleeve. Here are five things you don't know about Dylan Riley Snyder.

1. His First Professional Gig Was in 'Tarzan' on Broadway

At the age of nine, he got his first professional gig. He was cast as the young ape-boy in the Disney musical "Tarzan" on Broadway and played the part for 11 months until the show closed. Although he had been doing community theater for six years already, he did not understand how big a deal Broadway was. In a recent exclusive interview he stated, "I knew it was theater but I didn't know what magnitude." He recalled his experience on the Great White Way, "All the time my mom was like, 'Do you realize you're on Broadway?' And I was like, 'Yeah, I know.' Two years later I realized I was on Broadway."

2. He Loves Doing Tricks

Snyder literally has a bag of tricks. With years of theater behind him and lots of down time at rehearsals, Snyder acquired all kinds of talents to kill time. From solving a Rubik's Cube in under 90 seconds to juggling to plate spinning (the latter two at the same time) to yo-yoing, Snyder has an act he could take on the road. In a recent exclusive interview he stated, "Years ago I picked up a yo-yo and I learned how to do some very basic tricks. I've always hung around with a yo-yo and done it. It's always been my friend. I can hesitate and rock the baby in the cradle. It's a fun little device."

3. He Loves the Legend of Zelda

The actor also confessed to being a video game addict and loves many of the titles, but his favorite is the Legend of Zelda series. He noted, "It's one of my favorite games in the world. I've grown up with it. I've done every single one if their puzzles. It's really fun. I love that franchise."

4. He Has a Back-up Plan That's Out of This World

While Snyder has high hopes for his acting career, he does have a something to fall back on. He said, "In ten years I see myself in grad school for aerospace engineering. It's something I've had a passion for for a while, engineering in general, but aerospace because I've always wanted to work with NASA. I really like the job description. It's literally the term rocket science. I want to venture into that field at some point. In the next ten years if acting doesn't work out, it's my back-up plan. We'll see how it goes."

5. He'd Like to Be Einstein for a Day

With such high academic aspirations it's no surprise that Snyder has a genius for a hero. When asked what pop culture icon he would like to be for one day, Snyder replied, "I would have to say I'd want to be an insanely smart person like Einstein… I just want to think what they're thinking, be in their mind state, see how they operate. How does their brain functions? That would be so cool."

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