Five Things You Don't Know About Dax Shepard

The 'Hit & Run' Star Likes 'Jersey Shore' and Supports Gay Marriage

Five Things You Don't Know About Dax Shepard

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Dax Shepard

Dax Shepard and his fiancé Kristen Bell star in the new film "Hit & Run" opening nationwide on August 22. Aside from playing the lead role, Shepard also wrote and directed the movie. While most people are familiar with Shepard because of his current role as Crosby Braverman on "Parenthood," here are a few things you may not know about the "Hit & Run" actor.

1. He Was 'Punk'd'

Although a prank was never pulled on him, Shepard got his start as a field agent on Ashton Kutcher's MTV practical joke show "Punk'd." After one season his career took off and he was doing films like "Cheaper by the Dozen," "Without a Paddle," "Zathura," "Idiocracy" and "Baby Mama."

2. He Supports Gay Marriage

Shepard is so in favor of total equality that he and Bell, who have been engaged since 2010, recently declared that they won't tie the knot until all of their fellow U.S. citizens have the same right. They think it's impolite to invite their gay friends to celebrate their marriage when they have not been given the same opportunity.

3. He Had Bad Timing with Kate Hudson

Shepherd gained a little notoriety in his personal life when photos of the actor kissing Kate Hudson surfaced. Unfortunately for Shepherd, the images coincided with the news of Owen Wilson's attempted suicide. Many speculated that Wilson was heartbroken seeing his ex with "The Comebacks" star. Hudson and Shepard's new relationship did not survive the media attention.

4. He Proposed in His Birthday Suit

Shepard had a very romantic proposal all worked out when he decided to ask Kristen Bell to marry him. It would take place at a romantic restaurant with candle light, romantic music and clothing. But instead a few weeks earlier than planned after a quiet Christmas celebration together, the actor was inspired to pop the question right then and there. So he got up out of bed and grabbed the ring he had hidden in a coat pocket. He probably should have slipped the coat on while he was at it since he was wearing nothing at the time.

5. He Is a Fan of 'Jersey Shore'

Shepard once told George Lopez that he was a fan of "Jersey Shore." He joked that an Emmy or Oscar is not significant enough for Snooki and the crew. But he quipped that they should instead get a Nobel Peace Prize. "If we get into some mix up with Iran you want to send Obama in or the Situation?"

"Hit & Run" opens on August 22. Check local listings for locations and times.

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