Five Things You Don't Know About Christian Bale

Christian Bale is back again in his iconic role of Batman. The "Dark Knight" star has had a few well publicized missteps in the last few years, there's a lot that goes unknown about the actor who came into the public eye in Steven Spielberg's "Empire of the Sun." Here are five things you may not know about Christian Bale.

Christian Bale Has Entertaining in His Blood

Bale, who was born in Wales and grew up primarily in England, comes from a talented family. One of his grandfathers was a stand-up comic while the other was a stand-in for the Duke himself as John Wayne's double on a few films. And in the next generation, his mother was a circus performer. Bale became an actor when his sister took an interest and he tagged along.

Christian Bale Is Not a Fan of Musicals

One of Bale's earlier film roles was in the Disney musical, "Newsies." He played Jack "Cowboy" Kelly one of the homeless newsboys living, singing and dancing on the streets of New York in 1899. Although the film starred Robert Duvall, Bill Pullman and Ann-Margret, and was subsequently turned into a successful Broadway show, Bale is embarrassed by the film.

Christian Bale Is Good at Gaining and Losing Weight

Bale takes every role extremely seriously. So when he was cast in "The Machinist," as a drill press operator who had not slept for over a year, he dropped one third of his body weight, a total of 63 lbs. He reportedly did this by taking diet pills with a whiskey chaser. But he was back up to his fighting weight and in top form for his next film as the ultra buffed Dark Knight in "Batman Begins." Bale next dropped another 30 pounds for his Oscar-winning performance in "The Fighter," but this time took the healthier approach of boxing to drop the weight.

Christian Bale's Stepmother Is Feminist Icon Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem shocked the world when the anti-marriage feminist tied the know with David Bale, Christian Bales's dad, in 2000. Sadly the union lasted only three years, as David Bale passed away in 2003.

Christian Bale's Favorite Bat Toy is the Bat Bike

In a recent interview with radio show hosts Kyle and Jackie O., Bale confessed that his favorite bat toy is the bat bike. He said, "I never got to fly the bat, but it was a hell of a thrill just to sit on it, it's an incredible bike." He also told them that his pal and fellow "Dark Knight" star, Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in the film, was a fan of the bike.

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