Five Things You Don’t Know About Kiernan Shipka

The ‘Mad Men’ Star Turned 13 on November 10

Five Things You Don’t Know About Kiernan Shipka

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Kiernan Shipka at the Emmys in 2012.

Before Kiernan Shipka became a big star on "Mad Men," she only had a few small roles on shows like "Monk" and "MADtv." Now she holds her own against her more adult co-stars on the retro Emmy-winning series. Here are five things you don't know about the actress, who celebrated her birthday on November 10.

She's a Fashionista

It's probably impossible to be on a series with wardrobe as great as "Mad Men" has without becoming a serious fashionista. And luckily for the 13-year-old star, she has lots of opportunities to show off her flair for style. She wore a custom-made light blue dress by designer Zac Posen at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. And was one of the guests at Ralph Lauren's children's line show at his Madison Avenue offices during New York's Fashion Week this summer.

She Likes Being an Only Child

Sally Draper might have two younger brothers, but in real life Shipka is an only child. But she told Front Row Live that she's not treated like a TV star. Shipka remarked, "My parents don't really spoil me at all. I consider myself lucky to be an only child because it gives me a lot of time to do lots of fun, different activities."

Shipka will have also have a famous onscreen sister soon, when she plays Dakota Fanning's sister in the upcoming film "Very Good Girls." She explained that she loves living out her family fantasies in movies and on television, saying, "Because I am an only child being able to be a sibling is something I've always wanted. I feel like I get to it sometimes."

She's a Scene Stealer

Clearly Shipka has a lot of fans her own age who voted for her to take home the 2012 Young Hollywood Awards Scene Stealer title. In her brief career Shipka has also been nominated for six Young Artist Awards for her roles in "Mad Men," "Squeaky Clean," "Carriers," "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" and "Smooch." She's also taken home two Screen Actors Guild Awards with her "Mad Men" co-stars for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series in 2010 and 2011.

She Loves to Dance

During a visit to "Inside the Actor's Studio" with her fellow "Mad Men" castmates, Shipka told host James Lipton that she's been studying dance for five years. At his urging, she boldly stop up in front of the classroom full of students and did some basic ballet moves. Her impromptu performance was a smash hit with the crowd.

She's a Song Writer

Kiernan plays the guitar and piano. She's written a couple of songs called "Runaway" and "Smile" But she admitted on "Late Night" to Jimmy Fallon, "I never intend them to turn out as dark as they usually do." She told the talk show host that her latest untitled tune was written from her perspective about a girl who's bullied and hasn't found her way. As the song goes on, the character starts to see the light. Fallon came up with a title that his band, The Roots, approved - "You Help." Kiernan said she'd give the tune that name

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