Five Things You Didn't Know About Pip from 'The Voice'

The Season 2 Contestant Has a New Single and is Working on an EP

Five Things You Didn't Know About Pip from 'The Voice'

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Pip from 'The Voice'

On Season 2 of "The Voice" Pip was just a 19-year-old singer with a bow tie, suspenders and a great set of pipes. The kid from Marietta, Georgia blew everyone away with his rendition of "The House of the Rising Sun" and made all four judges turn around. In the end he chose Team Adam, but was eliminated in quarterfinals.

Since the show Pip has been working to launch his professional career. He recently released his first single "Who Cares" and hopes the EP will drop in November. And while "The Voice" exposed the singer's background a bit, Pip gave more insight into his life in a recent exclusive interview. Here are five things you may not know about Pip.

1. His Nephew Gave Him His Name

Phillip Andrew Arnold's two-year-old nephew could not pronounce his uncle's name and so instead of Philip he said "Pip." The singer recalled, "My college friends picked up on it and it became a nickname. Then I started using it professionally and started going just by that."

2. His Sister Gave Him the Performing Bug

Pip's sister was very into musical theater as a kid. So whenever a show she was in needed young child, Pip was volunteered. He stated, "My first show was when I was two. I never got off stage after that." He said big sis helped him develop his acting and singing skills and then he started doing bigger shows and larger roles until ultimately he auditioned for "The Voice."

3. His New Single Is His First Song

Before going on "The Voice" Pip was a pharmacy student and had never written any music. Now he has a brand new song and music video. He remarked, "It is my fist, anything, really… I've been working with some amazing writers and producers. And I'm really, really happy with the end product… It's so much fun to get into the studio and finally get to write my own stuff... It's really cool to finally hear your own music for the first time."

4. He's Documenting His Recording Process

On his website, he posts a weekly video showing what he's up to day-to-day in the studio. "My fans are so supportive and always on Twitter and Facebook… And I wanted to find a way to keep them up-to-date with everything… We decided to do a weekly web series documentary that shows what we're going through week by week… We're doing it so the fans can stay involved and stay in touch with me throughout this lengthy studio process."

5. He Has His Own Charity

Pip started Youth in Mission to honor his best friend's father who passed away suddenly from brain cancer. New Zealand native Stephen Hay was a devoted mission worker and Pip wanted to help others continue his work. He sells wristbands with the New Zealand fern on them to raise funds. He said, "The goal of the organization is to get kids who want to serve and want to go and help people to get them over there. A lot of times kids can't go help because of travel expenses… so we want to be able to get the kids over there to help and have them not have to worry about making money and not have to worry about how they're going to do it."

Pip's single "Who Cares" is available now on iTunes.

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