Five Things You Didn't Know About Mackenzie Foy

The 11-year-old 'Twilight' Star Can't See Her Movies

Five Things You Didn't Know About Mackenzie Foy

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Mackenzie Foy is the new face of "Twilight."

Eleven-year-old Mackenzie Foy stars in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" as Renesmee Cullen, the half human-half vampire daughter of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson). Foy appeared in part one of the saga, but her role is much larger in the second installment. She has been shining in the limelight these past few weeks, walking the red carpet at "Twilight" premieres, but here are a few things fans may not know about the young actress.

1. Mackenzie Foy Is Too Young to Watch the Movies

Before taking part in the movies, Foy did see the first two "Twilight" films but she has not seen the others. She told Access Hollywood that she's not allowed to see them, "I can't see 'Breaking Dawn - Part 1' or the third one." She also has not read the books. She told Yahoo! Movies, "I want to wait and read the books when I'm older so I have more life experience."

2. Mackenzie Foy Was on Three TV Shows Before Being Cast in 'Twilight'

"Twilight Breaking Dawn - Part 1" was Foy's first feature film ever. She was just nine years old when she was cast and prior to that she had appeared in just three TV shows - "FlashForward," "Charmed" and "'Til Death." She told Yahoo! Movies that she was actually in Hawaii filming an episode of "Hawaii Five-O" when she got the call that she got the part of Renesmee. She also revealed that she was not allowed to tell anyone but her family until the first movie was released.

3. Mackenzie Foy Started Her Career as a Model

When she was just four years old, Mackenzie began modeling. She did print ads for companies like Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess Kids, The Gap, Target, the Walt Disney Company, Mattel and Rubbermaid. She also acted in a few commercials for Burger King, Pantene, Kohl's and Comcast.

4. Mackenzie Foy Had a Swear Jar on the 'Twilight" Set

In an attempt to save her young ears from the profanities often spewed on a set, Foy collected money from her cast mates each time they uttered a bad word. She told Vanity Fair, "I had a swear jar and it was so funny." But she would not reveal who she collected the most fines from. She donated all the proceeds to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

5. Mackenzie Foy Has Three More Projects in the Works

Even though the "Twilight" saga has come in to an end, fans have not seen the last of Foy. She intends to continue dating and has three projects in various stages of production. Indie film "Plastic Jesus," directed by Erica Dunton is due out by the end of 2012. "Conjuring," co-starring Vera Farmina, Patrick Wilson, Ron Livingston and Lily Taylor, is set for release in the summer of 2013. And Foy is currently filming "With You Well." The coming of age film set in the 1940s also stars Josh Lucas, Laura Fraser and Ellen Burstyn and will be in theaters sometime in 2013.

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