Five Reasons the World Will Never Take Lindsay Lohan Seriously

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Three New Year’s Resolutions Lindsay Lohan Should Definitely Keep

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Lindsay Lohan

We've been waiting with bated breath for Lindsay Lohan's triumphant return to the Hollywood work force. The problematic starlet has managed to line up some pretty impressive projects. But she just can't seem to hold things together long enough for the public to believe in a proper comeback. Why are we having such a hard time giving her a second (or fifth) chance?

She may be going back to jail.

The drama just never seems to end for the Mean Girl. We learned that the police plan on charging Lohan with lying to cops about her highway accident in June. She claimed she wasn't behind the wheel of the Porsche that slammed into the back of an 18-wheeler; but she was, according to witnesses and her assistant. To make matters worse, police found prescription pills and a liquor-filled water bottle in the trunk. (Sigh.)

She thought Hurricane Sandy was "no big deal."

During Hurricane Sandy's visit to the East Coast, the "Freaky Friday" actress made light of concerned residents' panic and urged them to "stop projecting negativity." But around the same time, she also took to Twitter to encourage families to revisit their emergency plans. Apparently, Lohan couldn't make up her mind.

Her publicist quit.

When your publicist leaves you, it's usually never a good sign. These individuals can only diffuse so many volatile situations at one time. Between fighting with her mother and being manhandled by random friends at hotels, Lindsay's publicist Steve Honig had plenty to of work to keep him busy. Alas, he evidently couldn't take anymore of the family's chaos and politely exited stage left.

She changed political opinions mid-stream.

For a while, Lindsay totally got behind President Obama's "amazing" campaign. But the "Liz and Dick" actress apparently had a switch of heart, deciding to support Mitt Romney. Everyone has the right to form an opinion, and to change it. But in Lindsay's case, the world already questions the clarity of her judgment. At the time of her statement, she wasn't even registered to vote. Considering everything else she's got going on, the oversight is plausible.

She's still stealing.

One might think that Lindsay would earn enough shopping cash just by participating in the film "Scary Movie 5." She proved that wasn't the case by allegedly taking $15,000 of clothes from her wardrobe rack. But don't expect any lawsuits on this matter any time soon. Her reputation triggered filmmakers to prepare for some kind of Lindsay Lohan drama, and they ending up writing off the cost of the fancy duds.

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