Five Reasons Why We’ve Overlooked Jennifer Lopez’s Wardrobe Malfunction

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Five Reasons Why We’ve Overlooked Jennifer Lopez’s Wardrobe Malfunction

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Jennifer Lopez

The world is always hungry for moments of celebrity vulnerability. Some stars vomit on stage and get attention. Others accidentally reveal their naughty bits. News of Jennifer Lopez's recent wardrobe malfunction was certainly juicy enough to make headlines. But there are a few good reasons why we're not making as big a deal as we could over it.

The nip-slip is old news.

Some would say Jen's recent nip-slip wasn't that bad to begin with. Others dismiss it merely because it's happened before. A gown she wore at the Oscars had fans wondering whether they'd witnessed a little peek-a-boo action up top. The near-slip even had its own Twitter following. Suffice it to say, Jennifer has come awfully close to baring it all on the red carpet on a few occasions.

We've seen her topless already.

Having a public wardrobe malfunction isn't necessarily the most comfy feeling. But J-Lo isn't exactly a stranger to revealing the "girls." The Bronx native bared her chest while getting down and dirty with Nick Nolte in 1997's twisted Oliver Stone flick, "U-Turn." The tiny peek of flesh recently making an appearance pales in comparison to her performance in this movie and others.

Her Spanx are more scandalous.

When you're famously known for your derriere, it's only natural that all eyes will be on your posterior as you work it out on stage. As such, revealed the singer's "exposed" Spanx shapewear beneath her nude, sparkly jumpsuit during said concert. Apparently, even the presence of an exposed nipple isn't as stimulating as what Lopez's outfits are covering up.

We're more interested in Casper Smart.

Since her divorce from ex-husband Marc Anthony, we've been far more interested in the blossoming romance between Lopez and Casper Smart. We're following his every move, wondering where he hangs and what his intentions are. He and the "Papi" singer are noted for their significant age difference, which is perhaps what has launched an entire "Who is Casper Smart" campaign.

Other entertainers are flashing crowds on purpose.

It's hard to take this particular wardrobe malfunction seriously when Madonna is exposing her breasts on purpose during concerts. In Turkey during a concert in June 2012, the Material Mom flashed her nipple in front of an enthusiastic audience. The former Fly Girl doesn't seem the type to push those envelopes, exactly. But she'd definitely have to top that in order to cause a stir.

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