Five Reasons Why Pauly D’s “Project” Disappoints Us

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Five Reasons Why Pauly D’s “Project” Disappoints Us

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Pauly D

When we discovered that "Jersey Shore" hunk Pauly D was getting his own show, we were excited. Clearly, the funniest, most levelheaded member of the crew could command the kind of audience MTV was hoping to keep interested. Centering an entire reality show on a hot DJ has plenty of potential. But "The Pauly D Project" seems to be spiraling dangerously into vapid territory.

MTV's Hottest New Show? Ehhh, not so much…

Even TV Guide thinks the show is boring. Quite frankly, we love Pauly D. But just a couple episodes into it all, we're already bored. We've kind of had it with the sidekicks and peripheral characters stealing the show and want to see Pauly do a little bit more than stand behind the turntables, keep his friends in line, and hookup with girls. Ok, so we really do want to see those things. Still, adding another dynamic would give the program more of an edge.

"Yeahhh buddy!"

Pauly has unleashed several of his catchphrases on the world. But interestingly enough, those catchy phrases have only been sprinkled here and there throughout "The Pauly D Project." The Blowout King is still the same guy we loved at the Shore. However, the Rhode Island native appears to have lost some of his comedic luster.

Rags-to-Riches? (Been there done that…)

We like that the DJ is getting his comeuppance. (Although we thought he'd already done that with five seasons on "Jersey Shore"). But the whole rags-to-riches theme has been done so many times. Anyone would be pumped (bad pun intended) to see their face on the door keys at the Palm Hotel in Vegas. But if we wanted to focus on his buddies soaking up the celebrity lifestyle, we'd just tune into an old episode of Entourage.


And speaking of entourages… There's always one in the bunch who will stand out. In this case it's Ryan. His dark-liquor drunken tomfoolery is already causing problems for Pauly and the guys. But he seems to be going a little overboard. Is he ramping up the aggressive behavior merely for the cameras? We can only wonder. The world is aware of how quickly the "sidekick" can snatch all the attention from viewers. But in this case, Ryan seems to be going about it the wrong way.

We miss Vinny.

One of the reasons why we loved Pauly so much is because of the chemistry he had with his housemates on the Jersey Shore, particularly his bromance with Vinny. We realize that seeing him in a new environment (or several) will take some getting used to. But something's just not clicking on camera between him and his crew. We're starting to wonder whether he and his favored Seaside roommate shouldn't have gone the route of Snooki and JWoww.

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