Five Reasons Why Kate Middleton May Really Be Pregnant

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Rumors have been flying about the Duchess of Cambridge, and the question of a possible pregnancy. Are they more than just gossip? Although I'm always a little skeptical about these things, there are quite a few signs that Kate Middleton may be carrying the next heir to the Britain's throne. Here is a look at five reasons I believe Princess Kate is with child.

No peanuts, please

While making a royal appearance in Copenhagen, the newlywed politely declined a sample of peanut paste. The Prince closely examined the sample package's ingredients, while Kate gave her husband a "knowing" look, saying no to the offer.

Peanuts are something that doctors urge pregnant women to avoid, and Middleton's spokesman apparently went out of his way to stress that the Duchess does not have an allergy to nuts.

Girls can now become queen, even if they have a brother

The centuries old tradition that gave boys the throne, has finally been changed. Last week, the British Parliament changed the country's succession rules, so that if William and Kate's first born is a girl, she could become queen.

If Middleton is pregnant, she is probably not far along enough to know which sex the baby will be, as her tight-wasted belt showed off an especially slim waist.

Skipping the champagne

During Princess Catherine's first solo engagement, she turned heads with her elegance and grace. She also turned down a glass of champagne, asking for a glass of water instead. Though the Duchess was sparkling, her glass was not, and she stuck to sipping water the entire evening.

Could she be avoiding alcohol to prepare her body for pregnancy, or is she is already with child?

Timing is right

The Crown Prince was born a little less than 11 months after his mother, Princess Diana, and father, Prince Charles, were married. Charles' mother, Queen Elizabeth II, gave birth to her first born son less than a year after she married his father, Prince Philip.

According to a little mathematical calculation, both women were with child within just a few months of their marriage. With the Duke and Duchess now married over six months, they are actually past due, at least according to his royal lineage.

We want her to be pregnant

This may be a stretch, but most of us can't wait for Middleton's pregnancy announcement. Who wouldn't look forward to a little bundle of joy in the life of a royal couple who we hope is destined for a real life fairytale happy ending?

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