Five Really Cool Independent Films Starring Zoe Saldana You’ve Probably Missed

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Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana's recent spin in "Columbiana" proved to the world that she has the guts to play a super-feisty role. Based on her impressive roster of mainstream hits, we should have known that she has the ability to transform on screen. After all, she did play a sexy blue creature in "Avatar." Saldana is good at exploring the inner psyche of complicated characters, as is evidenced by a few interesting independent films sprinkled on the list. But if you've never heard of these movies, you're probably not alone.

Blackout (2008)

This indie flick is set during the Northeast blackout of 2003, with most of the action taking place in an old apartment building of a Brooklyn, New York neighborhood. The blackout brings the residents together in strange and interesting ways. And in the case of Zoe's put-upon character, the major event brings some unfortunate truths to light.

After Sex (2007)

Before actress Mila Kunis got down and dirty with Natalie Portman in "Black Swan", she carried on a steamy affair with Zoe Saldana in the indie film, "After Sex." Their sexy story is told as one of the vignettes about modern romantic situations. Not exactly a couple per se, the two explore the limits of their little tryst. But it's the gratuitous dialogue between the two characters that draws in viewers.

Premium (2007)

Many independent films slip through the cracks. That could be said about "Premium"----a relatively lighthearted African American romantic comedy. The film lacks the over-the-top antics of typical mainstream comedies. Perhaps it is Zoe's subdued and refined presence on screen that helped "Premium" earn kudos at various Independent Film Festivals.

Haven (2004)

In this sordid tale of sex, drugs and white-collar crime---Zoe Saldana stands out as a troubled (and promiscuous) young woman entangled in a pretty intense tug-of-war between her brother and beau. Orlando Bloom is featured as her love interest. But his appearance in the film marks only one of the interconnected storylines in this secreted indie thriller. Definitely one of Zoe's gloomier roles.

Burning Palms (2010)

Some of the best independent films feature multiple (sometimes intertwined) stories. Zoe shines in yet another daring role when she becomes a rape victim. When the rapist accidentally leaves his wallet behind at the rape scene, she tracks him down and insists that he commit the offense again. "Burning Palms" is without doubt, a dark comedy that takes some "stomaching."

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