Five Notable Celebrity Paternity Cases

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Justin Bieber, baby daddy? We don't think so.

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Justin Bieber, baby daddy? We don't think so.

Despite not even being old enough to buy cigarettes yet, pop sensation Justin Bieber has already been hit with a paternity lawsuit. Apparently, a woman is claiming that the singer is the father of her three month old baby. The Bieber camp is dismissing the claim but a legal battle figures to result from the claim. Bieber is in pretty good company. After all, paternity suits are a rite of passage for a lot of celebrities. Here is a look at some of the other notable paternity lawsuits involving the rich and famous.

1. Mel Gibson

Once upon a time, Gibson was a respected movie star that was known for being a pretty religious family man. But a series of alcohol related tantrums and nasty voicemails set his reputation on fire. Despite all of his preaching, Gibson was hit with a paternity suit in 2006. That contributed to the end of his marriage. Since that time, things have only gotten worse for him.

2. Eddie Murphy

This was one of the uglier paternity disputes. Murphy dated former Spice Girls performer Melanie Brown in the middle of the 2000s. When she became pregnant, Murphy denied that he was the father and said he wouldn't believe it until the baby was born and he had a blood test. After a series of legal fights, Murphy was finally found to be the father of the child.

3. Charlie Chaplin

Chaplin is proof that paternity suits long predate the paparazzi era. The silent film star was hit with a paternity allegation by an actress named Joan Barry. The accusation set off a media frenzy and the reputation of Chaplin really took a hit. Eventually, blood tests determined that he was not the father. However, some thought that Chaplin had bribed someone for the favorable results. Even his ex-wife believed that.

4. Bill Cosby

In the 1990s, Cosby was accused of being the father of a woman named Autumn Jackson. It turned into an ugly affair with the woman refusing to submit to blood tests for a long time. Cosby did submit to a blood test and eventually Jackson was sentenced to five years in prison after it was discovered that she was attempting to extort money from him.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold enjoyed a long movie career followed by a nice run as the governor of California. He had been involved in some sordid business that came out during his campaign but his wife, Maria Shriver, stood by his side. That changed in 2011 when it was discovered that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with a household staff member more than a decade earlier.

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