Five Movie Stars that Succeeded After Jail

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Robert Downey Jr. made a major comeback with the "Iron Man" franchise.

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Robert Downey Jr. made a major comeback with the "Iron Man" franchise.

Lindsay Lohan was recently sentenced to 30 days in jail and she could be in store for even more time behind bars. Lohan violated a community service condition from a previous legal issue. It has been a long time since Lohan was considered a bright young movie star. Is there hope for a comeback for the "Mean Girls" star? Lohan is still young and there have been some movie stars that spent time behind bars. Here is a look at five notable movie stars that made a comeback after serving time in jail.

1. Tim Allen

The comedian and sitcom star actually spent time behind bars before he became a big star on "Home Improvement." Allen was once arrested for his involvement in a cocaine ring. He spent two years in a federal prison. Since his release, Allen has been successful television actor and even voiced one of the great animated movie characters in Buzz Lightyear.

2. Danny Trejo

Trejo has a movie reputation for playing tough guys, appearing in a number of films directed by the likes of Michael Mann and Robert Rodriguez. There is a reason why he can pull off the tough guy act. Before making it big in movies, Trejo spent time in prison for a variety of charges including armed robbery and drugs. He turned his life around in prison where he took up boxing and honed his acting skills.

3. Tom Sizemore

Sizemore has appeared in films directed by everyone from Oliver Stone to Quentin Tarantino. But the actor also has a serious record. Sizemore has served time for domestic violence and drug charges over the course of several years. These actions took place after his rise to fame but he has still managed to sustain a busy movie career after his problems became public.

4. Robert Downey, Jr.

Downey is the poster child of comebacks. Once upon a time, he seemed like a lost cause in terms of staying away from drugs and alcohol. His drug issues peaked in the late 1990s when he was arrested several times for drug related offenses. Downey eventually overcame his issues and has since become one of the biggest movie stars in the world.

5. Christian Slater

Slater was another established actor that seemingly had his career undone by legal problems. A series of DUI, weapons charges, and domestic issues derailed his career and earned him some jail time and community service. But the last few years have been kind to Slater. He continues to land movie roles and has found success on television as well.

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