Five Celebrities that Love to Date Professional Athletes

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Kim Kardashian has split from husband Kris Humphries after just two months of marriage. The NBA star was just the latest athlete that Kardashian has dated. Her most high profile relationship was with former Heisman winner Reggie Bush. People are already speculating on which athlete that Kardashian will date next. She isn't the only star that has a history of dating athletes. Here is a look at five other notable women that can't seem to stay away from athletes.

1. Elisha Cuthbert

Cuthbert is famous for her involvement with hockey players. In fact, the blonde actress was inadvertently the reason for one player getting suspended. Cuthbert's former boyfriend Sean Avery apparently made an insult about her to Dion Phaneuf, the next hockey boyfriend for Cuthbert. That led to Avery being banned by the NHL for a short period of time. It also cemented her legacy as the first lady of the NHL. Cuthbert's affection for the men on ice is a frequent topic on sports talk shows.

2. Tara Reid

Reid rose to fame as the sweet girl in " American Pie ." Today, most of us remember her for her hard partying ways. But the tabloid sensation has also been romantically linked to a host of athletes covering several different sports. She has dated a couple of NFL quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Kyle Boller. Brady moved on to a supermodel while Boller can claim his relationship with Reid as a career highlight. Outspoken tight end Jeremy Shockey has also dated Reid in the past. She has also dated NHL star Sergei Federov, the hockey player more famous for his romance with Anna Kournikova.

3. Alyssa Milano

Milano is best known for her career as a child star on " Who's the Boss?" But as a grown woman, her dating profile is just as impressive as her acting resume. Milano has been linked to a number of athletes, most notably baseball players. She famously dated pitchers Brad Penny, Barry Zito, and Carl Pavano among others. The noted fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers apparently learned her lesson and swore off athletes. She didn't go too far off that path though as she eventually found love with Dave Bugliari, an agent.

4. Madonna

Madonna has been going after athletes for the better part of two decades. Her most bizarre relationship was a brief one with eccentric NBA star Dennis Rodman in 1994. The NBA star known for tattoos and hairdos also is known for his strange romance with the pop queen. Madonna also once dated another crazy athlete when she hooked up with Jose Canseco. In more recent years she was linked to Alex Rodriguez . Few stars can boast a more unique collection of former athlete boyfriends.

5. Kate Hudson

Hudson has been involved with two of the most famous athletes in the world. Like Madonna, she has also dated Rodriguez. She was often seen in a New York Yankees jersey rooting for her man. She also dated cycling legend Lance Armstrong at one point. However, the romance between the Academy Award nominee and the cycling star wasn't meant to be. The short romance was over just as soon as it began in 2008.

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