Five Celebrities Who We Forget Dated Brad Pitt

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Five Celebrities Who We Forget Dated Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt

We've spent the last decade either fawning over Brad Pitt's fairytale marriage to Jennifer Aniston, or obsessing over his love affair with Angelina Jolie. Now that he and Jolie have announced that they are tying the knot, the Brangelina craze is stronger than ever.

It seems that when you're romantically attached to Brad Pitt, the world can't help but follow your every move, but this wasn't always the case for the "Benjamin Button" star. In fact, Pitt's fascinating love life is filled with interesting women, many of whom we've forgotten ever traded sweet nothings with the hunky humanitarian.

Juliette Lewis

The "Natural Born Killers" actress was a mere tot when she and Brad were an item. At 26 years old, he was an entire decade older than Juliette when their romance began. Aside from their edgy appearance, the novelty of their pairing was highlighted by the fact that they'd starred in two films ("Too Young to Die?" and "Kalifornia") that featured a fiery and dangerous affair between an older man and a young girl.

Robin Givens

Few people were aware that Brad and Robin Givens dated…that is, until Mike Tyson (her ex-husband) revealed in 2012, how around the time of their divorce, he'd bumped into her and the blonde actor pulling into her driveway. Fortunately (according to the former boxer), no blows were traded and no ears were bitten.

Christina Applegate

If you aren't privy to sitcom "Married with Children's" illustrious character Kelly Bundy, then it's likely that you missed this juicy morsel of information. Indeed, Applegate lugged an unknown Brad Pitt along as her "plus-one" to the MTV Movie Awards in the late 1980s. She even admits to ditching him in favor of another date.

Thandie Newton

Sultry actress Thandie Newton has also been linked to the "Moneyball" star. Little is known of their brief dalliance, but the pair is said to have met on the set of horror flick, "Interview with the Vampire." (That situation has a familiar ring to it.) A few pictures even emerged of the two hand-in-hand.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth is so tied up these days with her super couple pals Beyonce and Jay-Z that it's pretty easy to forget that she was once engaged to Brad. Their love affair coincided with their filming of the iconic thriller "Se7en." These two were considered one of the world's favorite couples to watch, until their fuzzy yet amicable split.

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