The Five Best Oscar Moments

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The Five Best Oscar Moments

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It was a nigh of glitz, glamor and Seth MacFarlane jokes at the Oscars last night in Hollywood. Lovers and haters will take to the Internet today to talk about the lengthy ceremony and what took place at the Dolby Theater. Sure, the night went long and had its fair share of misses along the way, but here are a couple of the best moments of the night.

1. Seth MacFarlane 's First Joke of the Night

"Welcome to the Oscars. And the quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh begins now." It all started out so well for the "Family Guy" creator and show host for the night. His opening joke about getting a laugh from the grumpy guy at the Globes worked, and the man himself laughed wholeheartedly. While the night went downhill for the host from there, his first moment was a memorable one.

2. Dancing with the Stars

Channing Tatum kept his clothes on and ballroom danced with a radiant Charlize Theron. Arguably the best moment of the very long show open, these two provided a moment of Hollywood magic. While Daniel Radcliffe and Joseph Gordon-Levitt only added to the fun, the two sexy star's graceful moves wowed and amazed both movie stars and home viewers alike.

3. Powerhouse Singing

It may have felt like the Grammys for the first two hours, but the night's musical performances were a tribute to the power of song on film. Shirley Bassey crushed "Goldfinger," a breathtaking songstress belted out a show stopping tribute to 50 years of Bond. Catherine Zeta-Jones was flawless -- looking as perfect as she did when she shot her award-winning performance for "Chicago" over a decade ago. Jennifer Hudson may have lost weight, but certainly not power, as her "And I Am Telling You" performance brought the house down. And it just kept coming -- Adele, Barbra Streisand, and Norah Jones brought moments of pleasure to a lengthy broadcast.


Politics aside, the presence of Michelle Obama was quite a surprise at the end of the night's telecast. She radiated on the screen and reminded people of the power of film to unite, to educate and to inspire. As Jack Nicholson's co-presenter by proxy, Mrs. Obama woke up celebs and viewers alike.

5. The Last 30 Minutes

Just when you thought you couldn't take it anymore, the Oscars delivered the goods. After three hours of meandering, the last 30 minutes of the ceremony packed quite a punch. Amazing acceptance speeches made predictable wins by Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Day-Lewis worth watching. Meryl Streep's apparent wardrobe malfunction matched with J-Law's on-stage stumble provided the live moments that make watching in real time a must. Michelle Obama's surprise appearance and Ben Affleck's earnest gushing as the night's last winner made it all seem as though the night was a complete and perfect success.

Critiques aside, what was your favorite moment of the night? Forget the odd appearance of William Shatner for the opening and the total miss by normally funny presenters Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy. Relish in the Hollywood moments that made last night magic and share your favorites!

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