Five '30 Rock' Live Show Differences

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Five '30 Rock' Live Show Differences

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Five '30 Rock' Live Show Differences

30 Rock tackled its second live show last night and the results were decidedly genius -- inspired bits that maximized the platform, great celebrity cameos and enough changes between the east and west coast performances to warrant this story.

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The most glaring tweak between the two live shows was also the most egregious as the east coast episode opened with Liz Lemon celebrating the possibilities of live television by saying "anything can happen" just as Sir Paul McCartney popped up to cop a squat in Jack's bathroom. An effing Beatle, y'all.

And which amazingly iconic celebrity was chosen for the west coast feed? Kim Kardashian. Wah-wah.

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Although her cameo did provide one cute chuckle when Kim returned at the end of the episode to mock the vast differences between 30 Rock's audience (2.5 million) and the number of people who follow her on Twitter (14 million).

The other major difference between airings was a celeb swap during an NBC News flashback. Jon Hamm served up his second cameo as the co-anchor on the east coast, while Brian Williams stepped in for the west.

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Elsewhere, the differences came down to joke tweaks. Dr. Spaceman went from Nazi Doctor to Gay Doctor, The Lovebirds leading lady wasn't a lady lover in the west coast offering and Cheyenne Jackson sang the theme song instead of Jane Krakowski in the second serving.

I have to give the night's MVP award to 30 Rock newbie, Kristen Schaal -- who proved incredibly deft with the live atmosphere and killed a pair of ingenious monologues. Watch both airings below!

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