First Look: Phoebe Tonkin Joins 'TVD'

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First Look: Phoebe Tonkin Joins 'TVD'

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First Look: Phoebe Tonkin Joins 'TVD'

Secret Circle alum Phoebe Tonkin joins The Vampire Diaries tomorrow night and has your first look at the amazing Aussie's arrival in Mystic Falls!

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Phoebe plays Hayley, the werewolf who helped Tyler break his sire bond to Klaus last season. But will Hayley want to break Tyler's bond to Caroline?

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"Haley isn't there to do anything bad or mess up anyone's relationship," Tonkin told TVGuide. "She's trying to find out some things about her past and there are people in Mystic Falls holding onto that information that she wants."

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Of tomorrow night's episode, titled The Rager, show EP Julie Plec told that the hour marks, "The beginnings of some very interesting relationship shifts, across the board, for every character."

Plec adds that the flashback episode sees, "The door opening to some really big mythology reveals. There will be some conflicts between characters we want to see getting along and some nice moments between characters we're not used to getting along."

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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