Finn Finally 'Grows a Pair' on 'Glee's' Episode 'Feud'

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Finn Finally 'Grows a Pair' on 'Glee's' Episode 'Feud'

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(Cory Monteith)

This was an interesting week on "Glee," as several recurring feuds finally came to a head.

Auntie Tana is a 'Cold Hearted Snake'

I get it--Santana's (Naya Rivera) "Mexican Third Eye" is never wrong, and her street smarts were useful in deciphering Brody's (Dean Geyer) mysterious behavior.

But she really crossed the line this week, first by confronting him with her "Cold Hearted Snake" performance, blackmailing him to move out, then having Finn (Cory Monteith) threaten him to stay out of Rachel's life.

Brody may be a lying, shady, teacher-banging hooker, but it's Rachel's decision who she wants to date, and her friends should respect that. What they should have done was tell Rachel about him being an escort, then let her decide what to do.

I wouldn't want Santana as a roommate. She's violent, tactless, and has no respect for other people's property. The difference between Santana and Sue (Jane Lynch) is that Sue is accurately portrayed as a villain. Her antics are actually funny because we know that she's supposed to be the bad guy. But for some reason, the show likes to put Santana on some kind of pedestal and excuse her bad behavior.

As for Finn, he might want to work on regaining Rachel's trust (and not pulling another disappearing act) before he starts calling her his "future wife."

Finn Finally Grows a Pair

Still, it was refreshing to see Finn finally "grow a pair." It was nice to see him taking some kind of action (in this case, standing up for Rachel by beating up Brody and trashing the hotel room).

After enduring the passive-aggressive wrath of Will (Matthew Morrison), the glee club asked Will and Finn to duke it out in a boy band mash-up. After realizing that Will wasn't ready to forgive him for kissing Emma (Jayma Mays), and that Will had only offered him that teaching position out of pity, Finn decided it was time to move onto the next stage of his life. (Maybe pursue a teaching degree?)

Finn has been such a mopey sad sack all season. So how ironic was it that season 4's other sad sack, Marley (Melissa Benoist) was the one to tell him to "grow a pair."

Ryder is This Week's PSA/Punching Bag

The "call me a girl" incident was reminiscent of Finn's "f-ggy lamp" debacle, where the show takes a normally honorable character and makes him the bad guy in order to promote a PSA.

"Saved By the Bell: The New Class" had it out for Ryder (Blake Jenner) for kissing Marley, and for refusing to call Wade/Unique (Alex Newell) a girl.

So maybe he crossed the line and broke the bro code by kissing Marley, but she and Jake had not been making it easy for him for weeks. Not only did he have to see them getting cozy in glee club every afternoon, but Jake put Ryder in an awkward position by asking him for those Valentine's Day romantic gestures.

So not only did Ryder have to put his personal feelings aside for weeks, but he's stuck having to help his former romantic rival woo the girl of his dreams?

And Puppy Eyes Marley isn't as innocent as she appears. She knew how Ryder felt, yet she never put a stop to it. Unlike the Finn/Emma kiss, Marley let it happen.

Unique is Not Unique

As for Unique, where did she get off sticking her nose into the Jake/Ryder feud? If Marley really was "her girl," then she would know that Marley was just as guilty for letting that kiss happen. In fact, Marley was fantasizing about Ryder during the whole "Unchained Melody" performance.

But instead of focusing on the Jake/Ryder feud, they had to take it a step further by making it all about poor Unique being so misunderstood. Unique was willing to put differences aside, only if Ryder called him a girl.

We get it--if Unique wants to identify as a girl, it's her business. But why did they choose this week to throw Ryder under the bus and to ram another PSA down our throats?

I'm getting tired of this Unique character (for reasons that have nothing to do with her gender). She's a one-trick pony clone of Mercedes (Amber Riley). If not for having biologically male parts, then she would not be getting so much screen time on this show.

Suffice it to say that I was Team Ryder this week.

Who is Katie xoxo?

Speaking of Team Ryder, the only person who seemed to be in his corner was his mysterious internet friend Katie xoxo. Despite having never met in person, these two seem to be completely in sync. She also provided the one sympathetic ear and helped him gain perspective during the glee club feuds.

This week's episode left us with a cliff-hanger. When Ryder asked if she wanted to meet, we heard typing sounds from the library before Katie mysteriously signed off.

It would be an interesting twist if his internet soul mate, Katie, turned out to be mean girl Kitty (Becca Tobin). They're both blond girls named Katherine. And this mystery girl seems to be a student at McKinley.

Besides, it would add some interesting layers to Kitty's character. It's difficult to believe that she's as one-dimensional as she comes across. She may have a secret sensitive side that she only shows to very few people.

Blaine Devon Anderson is a Beta Diva

After joining the Cheerios for one day, Blaine Devon Anderson (Darren Criss) found himself in a battle for his soul. Apparently he had signed a contract saying that he was essentially bound to the Cheerios for life (though the signature looked forged).

Blaine challenged Sue to a diva off. If Blaine won, then he would have his freedom. If not, then his soul would belong to Sue and the Cheerios.

Sue channeled her inner Nicki Minaj while Blaine channeled his inner Mariah Carey.

Unfortunately, as seen on "American Idol," Mariah turned out to be the beta diva. Sue won their diva-off by cheating, giving herself an unfair advantage with costumes, pink feathers, and ambient lighting.

It looks like Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) is the only one with any loyalty. She was the only one who voted Blaine the winner of that sing-off. Considering how much Sue has sabotaged the glee club over the years, you'd think those other kids would have had his back.

Unfortunately, "Blaine is on the bottom..." of the Cheerios pyramid. But there's a twist. It turns out that Blaine threw that sing-off in order to remain on the Cheerios. He's trying to destroy them from the inside. This should be interesting.

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