Will Ferrell Talks Nudity on Screen: Other Actors That Do Funny Scenes in the Buff

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Will Ferrell talks about nudity on screen.

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Will Ferrell talks about nudity on screen.

Actor Will Ferrell apparently has no shame in bearing all on the big screen. He had a famous streaking scene in the hit comedy "Old School." He will drop his pants once again for the upcoming film "Case de mi Padre." The actor recently talked about his affinity for showing his stuff in a recent interview. Obviously, Ferrell isn't the good looking person that you normally see naked on the screen. Instead, he is one of those actors that do nude scenes to inspire shock and laughter. His memorable "Old School" scene is easily one of the more awkward nude scenes ever. Here is a look at some other actors that gave us some uncomfortable moments in the buff.

Jason Segel

The funny star of "How I Met Your Mother" is clearly not embarrassed by his physical appearance. In the film "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," the actor does an entire scene in the nude while he is being dumped by his girlfriend. Segel shows everything in what can only be described as a moment intended to make viewers squirm. This definitely upped the ante set by "Old School" in terms of funny nude scenes.

Sacha Baron Cohen

There was nothing glamorous about the infamous nude scene from "Borat." The comedian and his chubby counterpart both wrestle naked throughout a hotel in an extended scene that made everyone cringe. The two start in their hotel room and take the brawl into an elevator and eventually into a convention. Was it uncomfortable to watch? Of course it was. Was it funny? You better believe it.

Kathy Bates

The Oscar winning actress might not be regarded as classically beautiful but that didn't stop her from showing all in the 2002 comedy "About Schmidt." In the most memorable scene of the movie, the actress sheds her clothes and climbs in a hot tub with Jack Nicholson. The actor shows his discomfort on the screen and the rest of us can't help but feel it as well. Still, kudos to Bates for giving us one of the funniest nude scenes of all time.

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