Famous People Who Suffered from Breast Cancer

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Famous People Who Suffered from Breast Cancer

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time for spreading awareness and raising money to fund new and improved methods of treatment. Because this terrible disease kills over 425,000 people each year, many celebrities have shared their stories and offered their support to the cause.

Here are a few famous people who have suffered from breast cancer.

Richard Roundtree

Forever known for his role in the film Shaft, he found a lump in his right breast in 1993. Because his cancer was caught early, he survived after undergoing radiation, chemotherapy, and a mastectomy. "When I got the news, I was shocked," Roundtree recalled. "I thought, 'I couldn't possibly have breast cancer. Men don't get this.'" At 51, the actor was far younger than most men who develop the disease, and he was successfully treated with radiation, chemotherapy, and a mastectomy.

Peter Criss

The former KISS drummer opened up about his breast cancer diagnosis in 2008. Criss first noticed the painful lump in 2007 while he was working out; because his wife had suffered from cancer, he decided to get it checked out, and learned that he had breast cancer. He said, "Somebody has to step up to the plate and say something to get [men] aware of how dangerous this is. Lots of men die." Part of the problem, he thinks, is that men tend to avoid doctors like the plague. Fortunately, Criss underwent a successful lumpectomy and is now cancer free.

Ernie Green

Former Cleveland Browns fullback Ernie Green found a small lump in his chest in July 2005. After his first doctor sent him away because, "Men don't have the problem of breast cancer like women," Green got a second opinion and was diagnosed with breast cancer. That September he had a mastectomy, then had chemotherapy treatments until the following March. Both of Green's sisters also had cancer, one of whom died; the former NFL star has since become an outspoken advocate for cancer research and educates other men about the disease.

Rod Roddy

The beloved "The Price is Right" announcer died in 2009 while battling breast and colon cancer. The 67-year-old, who was single, was known for shouting "Come on down!" and wearing flashy jackets during his 20-year tenure on the show. In an interview, Roddy said, "I could have prevented all this…To everybody out there, 'Get a mammogram!' It can happen to men, too."

Nearly 1,500 men in America are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. For more information, or to locate screening locations near you, visit www.breastcancer.org.

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