Sneak Peek Clip Proves There Is Too Crying on 'The Amazing Race' [Exclusive Video]

"The Amazing Race" -- "Beacon of Hope"

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"Beacon of Hope" -- Newlyweds Katie (left) and Max (right) make their way by train to Southern Scotland where they will board a ferry and cross the Irish Sea to Belfast, Ireland on the 22nd season finale of "The Amazing Race."

The last episode of "The Amazing Race" left us with that maddening "To Be Continued..." -- before telling us whether father/son cancer-survivor team Dave and Connor would be able to continue racing after Dave's Achilles injury. The pit stop wasn't even a stop!

In this exclusive clip from the next ep, the lack of rest is wearing everyone down. Jen has to comfort country-bandmate Caroline after she biffs a task and begins to sob. Team YouTube finds that life's a beach -- the wrong one. And while roller-moms Mona and Beth insist that "there's no crying on 'The Amazing Race,'" even they have to admit that a single leg that's lasted four days is a bit much.

The upcoming leg takes the teams to Bali, where the monkey business includes wandering, weeping, and actual primates -- and a team makes show history. (In a good, non-injury way, we hope.)

Do you think Dave lives to race another day? Can Caroline work through the pain? We'll find out on Sunday; 'til then, make your predictions in the comments.

"The Amazing Race" airs Sundays at 8 PM on CBS.

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