England's Finest Spoof 'Downton Abbey'

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Every year, the world is treated to a smattering of sensational sketches thanks to Comic Relief -- a British charity founded in response to famine in Ethiopia -- which has provided us with Rowan Atkinson playing Dr. Who, a French & Saunders send up of Harry Potter and Ali G interviewing Posh & Becks.

This year's telethon, which raised over 100,000 pounds, featured an absolutely brilliant send-up of the international hit, Downton Abbey.

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Titled Uptown Downstairs Abbey and starring Kim Cattrall as Lady Cora, Joanna Lumley as O'Brien and Jennifer Saunders as The Countess Dowager, the sketch is funny if you're unfamiliar with the series but spot-on smashing if you're a fan.

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The divine character disses (like when The Grantham girls are introduced), hilarious show send-ups (the downstairs commotion) and broad comedy moments (Lumley steals the show) result in one of the funniest spoofs I've ever seen!

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