Emmy Predictions 2011: Who Deserves the Win?

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Is Steve in it to win it?

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Is Steve in it to win it?

It's Emmy time again, and this year's nominations contained a few big surprises--no "Walking Dead?"--and a few obvious picks. Here's a look at a few actors and shows that deserve to win in their categories, as well as a look at their competitors and predictions for who will win.

Peter Dinklage - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Nominating Dinklage for his role as Tyrion Lannister in HBO's surprise hit "Game of Thrones" was a no-brainer. It's 2011, yet Tyrion is still one of the first major characters with dwarfism in a drama that isn't defined by the disability. Dinklage brings incredible wit and snark to the character, easily outperforming the rest of the stellar cast.

Dinklage has some serious competition from John Slattery, who played Roger Sterling in AMC's "Mad Men," but "Thrones" fans aren't going to sit quietly if Dinklage loses. He's a seasoned actor who brought an experienced edge to a great role--the exact type of person that should win an Emmy.

Louis CK - Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series.

Louis CK's made himself into something of an underground sensation as the anti-Seinfeld with his tense, uncomfortable and hilarious series "Louie."

The show is nominated for the episode "Poker/Divorce," although it really should have received a writing nomination for the incredible "God," in which a young Louis CK confronts the dark side of Catholicism. That would have been a shocker, though, because "God" could be seen as offensive and it really wasn't too funny--it wasn't really supposed to be. "Poker/Divorce" is an acceptable example of the mix of social commentary and shock humor that sets "Louie" apart from an average sitcom. Unfortunately, it's up against "Good-Bye Michael," the last episode of "The Office" with Steve Carell, so it might lose some sympathy votes to that always-excellent NBC production.

Parks and Recreation - Outstanding Comedy Series.

There are several great nominations in this category, and in all honesty, "Parks and Recreation" probably won't win. It's going against heavy hitters like "30 Rock," "Glee" and "The Office," and "Parks and Recreation" simply doesn't have as high of a profile as those other shows.

However, it's far more consistent than "The Office," which stumbled a bit with Steve Carell's departure, and it's a rare type of comedy that can hit satisfying emotional notes, unlike "Glee" or "30 Rock." It would be a shame if the tremendous effort of the "Parks and Recreation" cast went unrecognized.

What shows and actors do you think deserve recognition? Post below.

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