Emma Watson and Other Celebs Learn Pole Dancing for Roles

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Emma Watson and Other Celebs Learn Pole Dancing for Roles

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Emma Watson plays a bad girl in 'The Bling Ring'

During a recent interview with British GQ, Harry Potter star Emma Watson revealed that she exchanged her wand for a stripper pole to play a raunchy new role in the movie "The Bling Ring."

The winsome witch has graduated from Hogwarts, and her new bad girl burglar character has signed up for some classes that Hermione definitely wouldn't approve of. Here's what the bewitching brunette said about learning to work the pole for a short scene in "The Bling Ring" while she was also attending classes at Oxford University: "I had this surreal experience where I was studying the modernists, writing about Virginia Woolf on Friday night, then driving to London for pole dancing classes on Saturday morning."

Emma also revealed that pole dancing is quite a workout.

"I was incredibly ungraceful at first. The upper-body strength and the core strength you need to do it gracefully is crazy. I take my hat off to the women who can do it. You have to be incredibly strong."

Emma Watson isn't the only celeb who has learned the fine art of pole dancing for a part. Here's a look at few other celebs who have worked the pole for movie roles:

Jennifer Aniston

According to her "We're the Millers" co-star Emma Roberts, this actress is a pole dancing pro. Emma gushed to E! News that the 43-year-old former "Friends" star plays a "really hot" stripper in their upcoming movie, and she praised Jen's performance by saying, "She's really good. I saw bits and pieces of it and she is amazing."

Marisa Tomei

Perhaps Jen is trying to upstage this actress who also played a stripper in her 40s. According to Askmen, here's what Marisa said about the role in "The Wrestler" that scored her an Oscar nomination: "I had about a month to learn! It was great fun but pole work is physically quite difficult."

Eva Longoria

Eva took pole dancing classes at the S Factor gym in Los Angeles for a sexy "Desperate Housewives" scene. However, Eva and poles don't get along too well -- she revealed that she broke the stripper pole that Carmen Electra gave her as a gift, and her "Desperate Housewives" pole dancing scene left her with bruises all over her arms. However, she tweeted that the hilarious result was "Worth the pain."

Kristen Stewart

Eva isn't the only actress who was left banged-up and bruised after a close encounter with a stripper pole. K-Stew starred as a teen stripper in "We Are the Rileys," and she shot a pole dancing scene in a real strip club after consulting with a professional stripper. Here's what Kristen told E! Online about her experience: "I did some pole dancing. I got bruises all over my legs. I tore myself up doing it. It sucked." However, it sounds like she developed a fetish for the pain. She divulged, "The more I saw it, the more I wanted it. It was like a weird self-hating kind of thing." So if you see kinky K-Stew covered in bruises, she's not indulging in any "50 Shades of Grey" fun with Robert Pattinson -- she's just trying to impress her boyfriend by battering her body on a stripper pole.

Julianne Hough

Julianne definitely knows how to groove, but the "Dancing with the Stars" champ found out that getting paired with a pole is more difficult than doing the cha-cha with a celebrity with two left feet. Here's what she told "Access Hollywood" about learning how to pole dance for her role in "Rock of Ages:" "It is ridiculously hard. I was ripped when I was doing it because it's, I mean, it is an art. It's really tough." However, Julianne joked that her ex-boyfriend Ryan Seacrest "appreciated the research" that she had to do for the role.

Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake's ladylove impressed her pole dancing trainer so much while practicing for her role in "Powder Blue" that her coach claimed that the actress could be a professional dancer. But unfortunately fans were probably in too much of a frenzy over her stripper character's topless scenes to care about her amazing skills.

Olivia Wilde

Jess isn't the only celeb who impressed her trainer. For her role as a sexy stripper in the movie "Butter," Olivia only had two days to learn how to pole dance. According to USA Today, here's what she said about her crash course: "I got there and they flew a trainer in from S Factor and she taught me at an actual strip club, called Action Central, and got me to the point where they offered me a job there. So if all else fails, you can find me at Action Central." No wonder Jason Sudeikis put a ring on it.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay also took lessons from S Factor for her stripper role in "I Know Who Killed Me," but if you've seen the movie, you know that the results weren't quite as successful. Linds told People this about preparing for the part, "I've been in pole dancing lessons, S Factor by Sheila Kelley, every day for four hours. I have bruises all over. That's why I haven't worn shorts." Perhaps this would explain the mysterious bruises that were recently spotted on Lindsay's legs -- she's just taken up pole dancing again. Let's just hope that she never has to resort to getting paid to dance on a pole for real.

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