Emma Watson Becomes an Axe-Wielding, Pole-Dancing, Tattooed Bad Girl

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Emma Watson and Other Celebs Learn Pole Dancing for Roles

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Emma Watson plays a bad girl in 'The Bling Ring'

Emma Watson isn't Gryffindor's biggest geek anymore -- Hermione has traded her Hogwarts robes for bra tops and tattoos, and the whip-smart witch has ditched her spell studies for partying and pole dancing. So is Emma taking her new bad girl image a little too far?

Emma dresses like a prostitute?

The stunning starlet recently made headlines by donning a shockingly short dress on the cover of GQ U.K. Her skimpy, belly-baring garb (complete with a belly button bling ring) was extremely similar to the infamous outfit that Julia Roberts wore when she played a prostitute on the prowl for clients in the movie "Pretty Woman." However, Emma was just trying to capture the superficial spirit of her character in "The Bling Ring."

Emma signed on for the Sofia Coppola movie because of the statement that the film makes about fame. She explains, "The character is everything that I felt strongly against - she's superficial, materialistic, vain, amoral. She's all of these things and I realized that I hated her." According to Emma, she studied Kim Kardashian's reality shows to learn how to pull off being superficial. She admits that she sort of enjoyed the experience, but she dubbed reality TV "super-low culture."

So who is this "Bling Ring" bad girl?

For her GQ U.K. photo shoot, Emma donned a fake tattoo on her lower stomach that appeared to be a tiny constellation of stars, and she provocatively pulled down the front of her dress to show off the ink. This is what kind of character she plays in "The Bling Ring" -- a girl who loves to grab attention by showing skin. Emma's character also sports a fake tattoo in the film in the form of a massive tramp stamp on her back, and she wears clothes like teeny bra tops and diminutive Daisy Dukes. Her character steals some pieces of her wardrobe from the closets of the stars since she's a member of a group of thrill-seekers dubbed the Bling Ring. This fashion-loving gang of thieves is based on a real band of burglars who robbed the homes of celebs like Megan Fox, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton.

Emma may have watched Kim Kardashian to prepare for her role, but her character is loosely based on a privileged princess from another E! reality show -- "Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers. In the trailer for "The Bling Ring," Emma can be seen suggestively sticking her tongue out while she gets her groove on at a club, and she even tries her hand at pole dancing. According to Fans Share, Emma actually took lessons so that she could look like a pro on the pole. She told GQ U.K., "I did learn to pole dance for the film, and I have a small pole-dancing scene, but it's not a performance for anyone else, it's just me messing around with my friends. I'm not standing on a bar top." She clarified that she really did go to a pole dancing class by saying, "Yes. I learnt. I took lessons. When I was preparing for the role I was studying at Oxford, actually. It was surreal... I was incredibly ungraceful at first. The upper-body strength and the core strength that you need to do it gracefully is crazy. I take my hat off to the women who do it. You have to be incredibly strong."

Emma's getting bolder with "The Bling Ring"

Emma previously starred in a sexy burlesque dancing scene in "The Perks of Being a Wallflower." She had to recreate key moments from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" by dancing around in her underwear and a sexy corset, and she admits that she was terrified to strip down and dance around. However, she's obviously overcome her fears since she's now playing a character who pole dances and wears bras as tops.

Emma also recently showed that she's comfortable in her own skin by posing for semi-nude photos. She got topless for photographer James Houston's new book titled Natural Beauty, which is being sold to raise funds for nonprofit Global Green USA. But of course her topless photos were carefully edited so that they don't reveal too much.

Her other upcoming wild role

But Emma Watson isn't just trying to prove that she has sex appeal -- she's also showing the world that she can be rather sinister. The upcoming movie "This Is The End" stars a massive amount of stars as themselves. A group of celebrities that includes Rihanna, Seth Rogen, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson, and Jay Baruchel all gather at James Franco's house for one hell of a house party when all hell breaks loose -- literally. The apocalypse happens while the stars are partying hard, and they soon find themselves fighting to survive fire, ferocious beasts, and falling objects. In the trailer for the movie, Emma can be seen playing a slightly scarier version of herself -- she busts through James Franco's door wielding an axe. She then proceeds to attack Seth Rogen so that she can steal the guys' limited supplies.

Emma's new roles might raise a few eyebrows, but she's no Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes -- at least she's just playing characters that sport crazy looks, party too hard, and steal things. When celebs get the desire to behave badly, maybe they should try emulating Emma by playing make-believe bad girls in movies instead of getting into real trouble.

So what do you think of Emma's career moves since she left her "Harry Potter" days behind?

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