Emily Blunt - Where She's Been and What She's Been Up To

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Emily Blunt has a new movie coming out, "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen."

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Emily Blunt has a new movie coming out, "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen."

Emily Blunt is one of our favorite Hollywood actresses. She's smart, she's funny, and she's absolutely gorgeous. The actress recently joked about her upcoming role in the rom-com "The Five-Year Engagement" starring funny man Jason Segel. According to her, Jason basically forced her to do the role.

"He ambushes me to do projects with him, because he's literally about two minutes away. I'd have to barricade the street to avoid him, but then I'd get blackmail letters or something," she joked.

Jason and Emily in the same movie? We can't wait to see the hilarity that ensues in their new movie coming out next month. In the meantime let's see what else Emily has been up to.

Fresh Face of YSL Opium

Emily isn't just a talented actress. She's also been known to lend her gorgeous face to a few different brands, most recently Yves Saint Laurent' recent fragrance campaign for their long time customer favorite perfume Opium. The perfume has used other celebs in the past for their campaigns including Kate Moss.

Just a few months ago YSL released their teaser ad revealing Emily as the new face of the campaign. Have you seen the ads yet? Does Emily's sultry look make you want to purchase a new fragrance?

Prepping For New Movie Releases

Emily has stayed super busy this past year and in 2012 alone she's releasing a total of three movies.

Aside from "The Five-Year Engagement" this brunette beauty will also release "Looper," a movie about a mob killer of the future who realizes one of his targets is his future self. Mega hottie Joseph Gordon Levitt will star in the movie with Emily in September. Hmm...we're sensing a theme similar to "Minority Report" in this film.

Emily's third flick of the year includes the film "Arthur Newman, Golf Pro," a funny drama co-starring Colin Firth and Anne Heche about a couple of people attempting to escape their past by moving into an abandoned house together.

We can't wait to see Emily in these different films this year. Do you think these movies will be box office hits or box office bombs?

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