Elvis Presley Died 35 Years Ago Today - A Look at the Stars Who Have Played the King on Film

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Elvis Presley Died 35 Years Ago Today - A Look at the Stars Who Have Played the King on Film

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Elvis Presley died 35 years ago today.

It is not possible to understate the impact and importance of Elvis Presley's life. He was the "King of Rock and Roll" with good reason. Elvis was the man who helped mainstream the fledgling music genre in the 1950s, and in doing so he inspired countless young men and women to follow in his footsteps. Presley inspired bands like The Beatles, and his impact on pop-culture was immediate. He was a beloved icon of American entertainment for many years.

35 years ago today, Presley passed away at the age of just 42. Though the King passed on much too early, he has since become an industry unto himself, and he still has legions of adoring fans who stay dedicated to the memory of his music, films and television appearances. In honor of the anniversary of his passing, we decided to take a look at a few actors who stepped into his blue suede shoes and to play the King on film.

Jack White in "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" - This 2007 spoof of musical biopics deserved to fair much better than it did at the box office. Star John C. Reilly starred as the title character, a mash-up of several big rock and roll stars. During the course of the film, Dewey meets Elvis, who is played hilariously by the former White Stripes guitarist and singer. White had the hip swagger and lip curl down to a science, and he stole the scene.

Tyler Hilton in "Walk the Line" - This monumental, Oscar-winning biopic was hailed by movie goers and critics alike as being one of the best of its kind. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon starred as Johnny Cash and June Carter in the story of Cash's life. Hilton, perhaps best known for his work on "One Tree Hill," played Elvis in the years when Cash was on the road playing rock and roll shows. Hilton did a fine job, and was quite believable in the part.

Bruce Campbell in "Bubba Ho-Tep" - Campbell, probably best known as the lead character Ash from the "Evil Dead" films, stepped into the role of Presley in this 2002 comedy-horror film that presupposes The King never died. The film pits Elvis and John F. Kennedy, who also never died, against an evil mummy from Egypt. It's campy horror and comedy at its best, and Campbell is truly hilarious and actually quite accurate in his portrayal of Elvis.

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