Elisabeth Hasselbeck Exits 'The View' - Will a ‘Real World’ Veteran Fill Her Chair?

The Replacement Buzz May Be All About Brooke Shields and Jenny McCarthy, but Don’t Discount a Former MTV Star for the Job

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Exits 'The View' - Will a ‘Real World’ Veteran Fill Her Chair?

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck is outta there!

"The View" co-host is leaving the ABC chat fest after 10 years on the job, and her new home will be the FOX morning news program, "FOX & Friends," according to TV Guide.

Hasselbeck joined "The View" in 2003 as a replacement for Lisa Ling, but she wasn't the only contender for the highly coveted job. And while the buzz on the street is that Brooke Shields and Jenny McCarthy may be getting a view from "The View" panel, let's not discount a major blast from the past who recently turned back up at her old stomping grounds.

Former MTV star Rachel Campos-Duffy (remember the retro "Real World" season that featured Pedro and Puck?) was a fixture on "The View" during the hunt to fill Ling's spot in 1999 and for her replacement in 2003. While Ling and Hasselbeck beat out the reality TV veteran, now could be her time to finally shine. Especially, since Campos-Duffy recently turned up to co-host on "The View" again.

The mom of six (she married fellow "Real World" alum Sean Duffy in 1999) is a staunch conservative and a devout Catholic and her husband is now a Republican congressman. I bet you can imagine those hot topics?

Then again, the "Stay Home, Stay Happy" author may not even want the gig. When she lost out on the "conservative" spot on the show for the second time (to Hasselbeck) Campos-Duffy had an epiphany.

According to JS Online, she said, "I thought I was between gigs, but I was actually doing what God wanted me to do in being with my kids. I was happy how it turned out. I felt I was doing what I was supposed to be doing."

But now that her kids are a little older, would she consider another tryout for the show?

On her blog for Huff Po, Campos-Duffy defended her most recent guest-hosting gig on the show as some fans bemoaned the fact that she was entering the "lion's den" known as "The View."

"Why did I enter the 'lion's den?'" she wrote. "Perhaps a better question is: Why do so few conservatives see the urgency of doing so in the era of Kim Kardashian, presidential 'Entertainment Tonight' interviews and the 'Daily Show?' It's probably my reality TV background that has spared me the smug superiority of so many conservatives who think 'The View,' 'The Today Show' or the banal, guilty pleasures of Bravo are beneath them. These shows are fun to watch and fun to be on!"

Even after two failed tryouts, let's face it, "View" head honcho Barbara Walters loves this girl. So will the third time be the charm?

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