Eddie Izzard to Play Grandpa Munster in TV Reboot -- Who Should Fill Out the Cast?

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Another reboot is coming our way, thanks to NBC. It was announced that "The Munsters" are coming back to TV, and comedian Eddie Izzard has signed on to play one of the most iconic characters, Grandpa. But don't think that this will be your mom and dad's "Munsters." According to network execs and the show's producers, we're going to get a drastically different version of the legendary sitcom. For starters, it won't be a comedy.

Apparently, the new show will be a drama, and an hour long. The format change is certainly intriguing, and could help set it apart from other attempts to reboot classic TV shows. We'll withhold our judgment until the show actually airs, but we thought it might be fun to play Casting Director and flesh out the rest of the cast alongside Izzard.

Howard Stern as Herman Munster - Before you shrug it off that this new show is supposed to be a drama, keep a few facts in mind. Stern, the King of All Media, has done some light dramatic work in his own biopic, "Private Parts," and he is certainly tall enough to fit the bill. As he already appears on NBC show, "America's Got Talent," maybe the network's producers could lure him into giving this role a shot.

Minnie Driver as Lilly Munster - Minnie has a working relationship with Izzard from their work together on "The Riches," and she has both a wry comedic sense as well as the ability to play dramatic roles. Plus, Driver just has that Lilly-esque quality that's a mixture of deviousness, charm and beauty!

Frankie Muniz as Eddie Munster - Sure, the former "Malcolm in the Middle" star is probably too old to play Eddie as he was in the old sitcom. But since they're revamping it into a drama, why not give Muniz a little work? We think it could help revitalize his career, and give the world a chance to see if Frankie's got the chops to some more dramatic work.

Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Munster - At this point in her career, LiLo is taking all the kicks in the upward direction she can. She just hosted "Saturday Night Live," posed nude for Playboy, and she'll be starting production on a Lifetime movie soon, playing Hollywood icon Liz Taylor. Lohan could be the perfect fit for the blonde bombshell Marilyn, who is a total "freak" within the confines of the Munsters' home.

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