Ed Westwick Dishes on Fame and the End of 'Gossip Girl' - Other Hot Celebs on TV

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Physical activity helps Zooey Deschanel relax, and she believes exercise is the No. 1 mood stabilizer.

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Physical activity helps Zooey Deschanel relax, and she believes exercise is the No. 1 mood stabilize …

Ah, who doesn't love staring at Chuck Bass played by British hottie Ed Westwick every Monday on "Gossip Girl?" If "Gossip Girl" is known for one thing it's certainly the man candy on the small screen. Between Ed, Penn Badgley, and Chase Crawford there's something for all girls to swoon over.

Recently Ed chatted about his character and what aspects of playing Chuck Bass aren't the best.

" For lack of a better word, the fame at such a young age has been a weird thing. Very weird. Look, I wouldn't change it for a thing. I've had a blast, as I'm sure you know [laughs]. But it is a weird thing at times. It's offered me an insight into humanity. The culture we live in, in this day and age. Because you see someone on TV, they're no longer a person - they're just an object you want a piece of. It's very interesting. I'm not sour or bitter about it, but I find it intriguing."

He went on to dish about the show coming up on their 5 year mark and 100 episodes.

"First of all, 100 episodes is such an achievement -- I almost can't believe we got here. I'm excited for fans to see the wedding - it's huge and amazing. You've never seen a more gorgeous bride than Blair. She's stunning. There's a lot going on in terms of this whole Blair & Dan thing - this is where I feel Chuck is losing the battle. There's a few approaches and he keeps shooting blanks. I don't know if he's going to make a late surge. It's kind of like the Republican nomination - I think Dan is Mitt Romney. Chuck is Santorum -- which is better than being Rick Perry," he said.

Ed isn't the only smoking hot actor on TV these days. Here are the hottest celebs on TV right now.

Zooey Deschanel

Sure, she's played out the whole "cute dork" persona thing a bit too much, but we absolutely love Zooey. Maybe it's her bright blue eyes or her edgy indie style but we can't get enough of this actress. She's starred in tons of movies including "500 Days of Summer" and "The Happening" but she really shined brightly when her show "New Girl" debuted in 2011.

Jason Segel

We've been fans of Jason since his days on "Freaks and Geeks" but over the years this star has transformed from TV hottie to big screen babe. He showed us his all in movies like "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and made bro-friends with Paul Rudd in "I Love You, Man" but one of his best roles continues to be on "How I Met Your Mother." We love Jason playing the adorable and lovable Marshall making him one of the sexiest dudes on TV.

Thomas Jane

Okay, so "Hung" got the ax a few weeks ago from HBO and that made us seriously sad but that doesn't mean the sexiness of Thomas Jane can't live on, right? Thomas played high school coach and dad to twins, Ray, who becomes a male prostitute in order to make some extra cash, fix up his house, and maybe even get his ex-wife back. Shots of Thomas completely nude were enough to make us tune in every week and although "Hung" might be off of HBO for good we hope Thomas continues to show off his sexy side on the small screen in a new show.

Aaron Paul

When we see Aaron Paul playing the misunderstood bad boy Jesse Pinkerton on "Breaking Bad" we don't necessarily think of him as hot but he sure is cute and lovable, even if he's selling drugs. Aaron has showed off his versatility as an actor playing other parts on TV including a part on "Big Love" as well as on the big screen including "Last House on the Left" and 2012's "Smashed."

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