'DWTS:' Mark Ballas on Why Fans Vote for Bristol Palin - Reasons Why Bristol is 'Relatable'

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'DWTS:' Mark Ballas on Why Fans Vote for Bristol Palin - Reasons Why Bristol is 'Relatable'

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Mark Ballas had plenty of nice things to say about his "DWTS" partner Bristol Palin.

While many fans were shocked to see Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas survive this week on "Dancing With the Stars," Mark had a few thoughts on why people vote for her.

In an interview with OnTheRedCarpet.com, Mark explained, "I think it's because she's relatable. She's improved a lot. I think she's dancing to a much higher standard than she did last time and I think a lot of people - normal folks - find that appealing. She doesn't have an entertainment background, so people can relate to what she's trying to do"

In other words, it's not just the Tea Party that's voting for her (sorry Pamela Anderson)! Mark makes an interesting point. Here are a few reasons why voters might find Bristol so endearing.

1. Unlike other contestants, Bristol is starting from scratch.

She doesn't have the performing experience of an actor, the strength of an athlete, or the flexibility of a gymnast. But she has a strong work ethic, humility, and a genuine desire to learn.

Fans love to root for a scrappy hardworking underdog. This is the same quality that endeared audiences to Kelly Monaco, Kelly Osbourne, and Katherine Jenkins.

And unlike many privileged kids, Bristol's life is far from glamorous. At an age when many women are going to school and planning their future, she is raising a child on her own. And her ex, Levi Johnston, is kind of a tool!

2. She has shown significant improvement since her last run on the show.

Bristol knows that she is not the best dancer on the show, but she has shown that she has potential. She surprised audiences and judges week one by being the "most improved" performer. Fans like to see an underdog who can overcome natural disadvantages in order to succeed. This season's Bristol is slimmer, more confident, and stronger.

This week, although she landed at the bottom of the leaderboard, this had more to do with Mark's choreography breaking the rules of "hold."

3. It's not easy living in the shadow of her famous mother.

Bristol has a bit of ugly duckling syndrome. It can't be easy being a less-hot, less-charismatic version of Sarah Palin. Bristol comes across as someone who is just trying to establish her own identity and to come out of her shell.

In a way, she is reminiscent of "Glee's" Rachel Berry season one, someone who was always runner-up to the mean cheerleaders. On "Glee," fans loved watching Rachel evolve into a confident glamorous diva. Similarly, "Dancing" fans enjoy seeing Bristol develop into a graceful dancer and person.

Is Pamela Anderson right about where Bristol's votes are coming from? Or is Bristol more "relatable" than we thought?

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