'DWTS:' Former Winner J.R. Martinez Not Happy with This Week's Results

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'DWTS:' Former Winner J.R. Martinez Not Happy with This Week's Results

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J.R. Martinez was not happy about the results from "DWTS" this week.

Former "Dancing With the Stars" winner J.R. Martinez is not happy with last night's shocking all-stars elimination.

As he tweeted, "What I don't like abt #DWTS. @SabrinaBryan SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE HOME! She's a phenomenal dancer but fans votes helped the non dancers. BS!"

After fans reminded him that it was their votes that helped him win the title season 13, he replied, "People.Understand what I'm saying. People's votes helped me during my season but I could ACTUALLY dance. Some people can't dance & get votes...Everyone acts as if I can't have an opinion. I'm humble but I also know I could dance. I appreciate all my fans voting for me. #DWTS"

Sabrina Bryan and Louis van Amstel were eliminated this week, despite a moving rumba that earned perfect scores from the judges. Meanwhile, Kirstie Alley is surviving on fan votes, despite not being the best dancer.

Was J.R. right? Was Sabrina's elimination unfair? Here are a few reasons why Sabrina might not have been able to rally the voters this week.

1. Sabrina doesn't have the built-in fanbase of some of the other contestants.

Despite being arguably the best dancer in the competition, Sabrina doesn't have the built-in fan base of some of the other contestants. Being male athletes, Emmitt Smith and Apolo Anton Ohno have a demographic advantage. Meanwhile, Kirstie and Kelly Monaco have their loyal fans from their days on "Cheers," "Veronica's Closet," and "General Hospital." And given how Gilles Marini so narrowly lost the title in season 8, his fans are more motivated than ever not to let him slip through the cracks.

2. Superstorm Sandy prevented Sabrina from benefiting from the votes of casual viewers.

Because of the hurricane, many New York and New Jersey residents were unable to watch the show. Although the die-hard fans probably continued to vote for their favorites without even seeing the performances, Sabrina lost out on the casual non-committal viewers who tend to vote the best performances of the night.

3. Sabrina and Shawn appealed to similar demographics and split the votes.

Going into the season, I had the feeling that only one of them would go far in the competition. These cute blonde ladies appeal to similar voters, so they probably ended up splitting their demographic. And given that Len ripped apart Shawn's performance, voters probably assumed that Sabrina was safe, and rallied to save Shawn.

Have Kirstie and Kelly overstayed their welcome in this competition? Did the right person go home? Did the hurricane contribute to Sabrina's shocking elimination?

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