Drew Barrymore Talks Wine: Other Celebs that Own Wineries

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Drew Barrymore Talks Wine: Other Celebs that Own Wineries

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Drew Barrymore joins a long list of other Hollywood vitners.

Newlywed actress Drew Barrymore is expanding her reputation into other areas. The "Charlie's Angels" star recently launched her own wine label, joining a long list of celebrities that market their own brands of the popular beverage. "I love wine," said the mom-to-be. "I think it's nice to do what you really love in life, occupationally and recreationally. Right now, I'm getting to do the things that I love and I'm so, so happy about it." So far, her hard work in the wine business has paid dividends. Her Italy-based winery has already produced award-winning bottles, and more are on the way. Given that, it's safe to say that Drew is going to be in the wine business for the long haul. Here are a few other stars that are noted for their own wine labels.

Dan Aykroyd

The man behind "Ghostbusters" has been a major player in Hollywood comedies for more than three decades. Of course, he has also become a respected man in the wine industry. The funnyman has a series of dessert wines based out of his native Canada, and also has a winery in California. "We're sort of anti-wine snobs here," says the actor when describing his wine philosophy. "We are not too sure what we smell, but we know what we like to drink."

Dave Matthews

In 2011, the popular singer teamed with Steve Reeder to launch his own line of wines. "Dave and I wanted to make wines that are complex yet approachable - fun wines that are food friendly and available for anyone to enjoy," says his partner. In addition to his California-based wines, Dave also created Blenheim Vineyards in Charlottesville, Virginia. That is the same city where he formed his self-named band in 1991.

Lorraine Bracco

If you're a fan of "The Sopranos," you might be interested to know that one of the biggest stars on the show has her own wine label. Lorraine, who also starred in the mob hit "Goodfellas," has operated Bracco Wines since 2006. That same year, her prestigious line was featured on the hit show "Top Chef." In order to be successful, Lorraine chose what she knew for the business. "I went to different vineyards and I went on what I liked, not on production costs or price range," said the star. "I picked out wines that I loved."

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