Was Drew Barrymore’s Baby Named After a Cartoon Dog?

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Why did Drew Barrymore name her daughter Olive?

Drew Barrymore and hubby Will Kopelman chose an adorable (and appetizing!) name for their baby girl.

Anyone who has seen a few "Popeye" cartoons might not find the moniker "Olive" all that appealing - after all, shrill-voiced Olive Oyl was a wishy-washy string bean who was always stringing poor Popeye along because she just couldn't choose between him and brute Bluto. However, it's nice that Drew's food-inspired baby name isn't as obnoxious-sounding as Gwyneth Paltrow's "Apple" pick, and there are plenty of reasons why Olive is the perfect name for her daughter.

"Olive, the Other Reindeer"

In this Christmas special based on a popular children's book, Drew voices an animated dog named Olive. After the pup mishears the words "all of the other reindeer" as "Olive, the other reindeer" during a radio broadcast, she believes that it's up to her to help Santa save Christmas. When Drew's daughter gets a little bit older, she'll probably love that she shares a name with her mother's beloved Christmas character, and she'll feel special when the real Olive, the Other Reindeer reads the book to her as a bedtime story.

Olive, the Other Celebrity Offspring

Drew's daughter also shares her name with the adorable daughter of celebrity couple Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher. Interestingly, rom-com queens Isla and Drew have more in common than their good looks and their daughter's monikers - they both starred in wedding-centric comedies ("Wedding Crashers" and "The Wedding Singer"), and they both reportedly converted to Judaism for their hubbies.

"Little Miss Sunshine"

Before child pageant queen Honey Boo Boo invaded our homes, another toddler without a tiara captured our hearts in the hilarious movie "Little Miss Sunshine." It's doubtful that Drew named her daughter after enthusiastic wannabe pageant queen Olive Hoover, but the new mom does have something in common with Abigail Breslin, the cherub-faced actress who plays her - Drew's adorableness also helped jump-start her acting career when she starred in the movie "E.T."

So what do you think of Drew Barrymore's baby name choice, and where do you think she got her inspiration from?

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