Dreama Walker: There's Some 'Bitch' In Everyone

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Dreama Walker: There's Some 'Bitch' In Everyone

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Dreama Walker: There's Some 'Bitch' In Everyone

Sometimes (OK, a lot) I will develop an obsession with a certain supporting character, or below the title actor, that leads me to obsess over all their projects. It happened with Krysten Ritter on Veronica Mars, Liza Lapira on Dollhouse and Dreama Walker on The Good Wife. So the fact that all three of those women now star on ABC's Don't Trust The B---- in Apt. 23 is more exciting than getting your full security deposit back!

In celebration of tonight's premiere, I caught up with Dreama -- who plays NYC newbie June -- to talk all about this brave, daring and dirty new series. In addition to finding out why June would ever continue to live with Chloe (the titular bitch, played by Krysten), I discovered her worst real-life roommate situation and why working with James Van Der Beek has validated her longtime crush.

Insider.com: First of all, can I just tell you how much I was obsessed with your character Becca on The Good Wife? I'm not-so-secretly hoping you get to reprise that role at some point.
Dreama Walker: Oh my god, thank you – I don't hear that very much! It's funny, I feel like with Apt 23, I jumped 10 years ... to playing my age [laughs]. It would be kind of funny to go back to playing 17 again with Becca.

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Insider: In addition to playing your age, what else about the Apt 23 pilot script attracted you?
Dreama: I just really loved how quirky it was. I like a little bit more of the intellectual, character-driven humor and that's what this show had. I thought you got to know these characters so well in 22-minutes. I loved the sensibilities of the script and couldn't wait to see what was next – so I just had to be part of it.

Insider: Obviously the show works because June and Chloe live together -- but do you guys address why doesn't June move out if Chloe is this horrible?
Dreama: It's like an abusive relationship ... an abusive relationship where the sex is really good [laughs]. Just when it gets really awful, Chloe does something so sweet and wonderful – June has moments of thinking that Chloe would do anything for her despite treating her like crap most of the time. Plus, there's a huge element of excitement for June.

Insider: With Chloe?
Dreama: When I first read the script, I thought that June had probably never met a celebrity before, so it had to be so exciting for this girl, who worshiped James Van Der Beek her whole life, to suddenly be spending almost every day with him. Plus, Chloe is fun. She's one of those magnetic, charismatic people you're totally attracted to – I think she'd have to abuse June really, really badly for her to give up this new life in New York City.

Insider: You've been very public about the fact you and June share that love of The Beek.
Dreama: Didn't every girl feel like that? Have James' face on lunchboxes and notebooks? You just thought, "This is what guys look like!" I've found out that was a very true experience from a lot of people because of this show.

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Insider: So do June and Chloe eventually find themselves on the same page, or is it always contentious?
Dreama: It's like two steps forward, three steps back kind of thing. June and Chloe will get really close and things will be great and then Chloe will do something absolutely horrific. So June will try to pull the wool over Chloe's eyes and do something risky – something very un-June-like. There's an episode where Chloe tries to be more like June and I try to get her to date more sensible men. And then there's another episode where June becomes this total bitch and mean girl. It was so fun though. It goes back and forth with women experimenting with dipping their toes in being a different kinds of people.

Insider: What was your relationship with NYC like when you first moved there?
Dreama: I was so starry-eyed when I got there. But then things are hard and I had no money, like most people. And you're starving and can't afford to pay your rent, but then something great happens and you remember that you're in one of the best cities in the world and it doesn't get much better. I definitely went through the stages of love and hate for the city that June goes through.

Insider: And roommates? Ever live with someone Chloe-esque?
Dreama: I never lived with anyone terrible – but my first place in NYC was with six other girls in a tiny three-bedroom apartment. The shower was so disgusting and gross because we were all in our early 20s living in NYC with no money, so I remember feeling very strongly about needing to wear flipflops in the shower. You couldn't walk around barefoot. It was disgusting.

Don't Trust The B---- in Apt 23 premieres tonight at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.

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