Dr. Seuss Helps Zac Efron Top Box Office: A Look at His Other Big Openings

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Zac Efron continues to be box office gold.

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Zac Efron continues to be box office gold.

Zac Efron is on top of the box office once again. Of course, we never see his face in his latest project. "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" opened up with an impressive gross of more than $70 million. Efron is one of the main voice actors in the film. Even though he is heard and not seen, this is another movie that the actor can add to his list of impressive box office debuts. He has five previous movies that have pulled down at least $10 million in the opening weekend. Here is a look at those movies.

"High School Musical 3: Senior Year" - $42 million

After a couple of wildly successful efforts on television, the "High School Musical" franchise hit the big screen with this hit movie that also starred Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. Efron took on the role of Troy once more. As the leading male actor in the movie it is safe to say that his musical abilities helped make this movie a huge hit in theatres.

"Hairspray" - $27.5 million

It is clear that singing and dancing was the bread and butter for the actor's early success at the box office. He struts his stuff once again in this film version of the popular Broadway musical. Plenty of other star actors contributed to this project. John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Christopher Walken were among the big names in the musical. But Efron holds his own in a meaty role.

"17 Again" - $23.7 million

As the lead actor in this popular comedy, Efron didn't have to sing or dance. He carries the movie as the teenage version of Matthew Perry's character. His charm and ability to lure female fans definitely helped this movie become a hit. It also proved that the actor can be successful at the box office without any musical accompaniment.

"New Year's Eve" - $13 million

A grown up Efron had a role in this ensemble movie about New Year's Eve in New York City. He works with Pfeiffer once again as he tries to help her character embrace life. The cast was loaded with stars so you can't really attribute any success to Efron alone. Of course, his appearance in the movie didn't hurt.

"Charlie St. Cloud" - $12.4 million

This 2010 movie marked a dramatic turn for the actor. There is no comedy and no music. Instead, he plays a depressed young man that can't get over the death of his younger brother. It wasn't an overly successful movie but the film generated some positive reviews for the actor. It ended up performing pretty well considering it was up against a string of summer blockbusters.

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