Does Linday Lohan Need Mom Dina to Arrange Play Dates for Her?

Momager Dina Lohan and Other Celebrity Mommies Who Hover Too Much

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Does Lindsay Lohan need to cut loose from her mom's apron strings?

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Does Lindsay Lohan need to cut loose from her mom's apron strings?

As if hanging around her condo with an electronic ankle bracelet were not sufficiently humiliating for Lindsay Lohan, it turns out the one-time A-lister was not even cool enough to get invited to Kim Kardashian's wedding on her own star power. Mama Dina Lohan bragged to the press her former movie star daughter was only invited to the Kim Kardashian wedding because of her connection with mother-of- the-bride, Kris Jenner.

Whether LiLo attended the wedding for the free frozen margaritas or to remind people she still exists is hard to say. But, at 25, clinging on to Dina's apron strings -- even if her hip mom does keep Jell-O shots in her apron pocket -- made the "Mean Girls" star look more like a loser than the self-assured Emma Stone-ish celebrity she could have been.

Caring about one's adult children is one thing; controlling them is another. Based on the evidence of her momaging skills, the former Long Island mom of four has not done such a hot job raising self-reliant children. Not surprisingly, one episode in her reality TV show "Living Lohan" was even called "Mommy Will Fix It."

Despite all the media attention on her mediocre mothering, Dina Lohan is not the only smothering mom in Hollywood. Here are some other mama grizzlies who need to let their famous kids grow up.

Joan Rivers and Melissa Rivers

Who knows if she could have made it on her own talent; Melissa Rivers never really had a chance to prove she was a star in her own right. From red carpet fashion policing to "The Celebrity Apprentice" and, more recently, the reality TV show, "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?" the only child of the "Can we talk?" comedienne has always seemed like the free item in a BOGO deal. Even Jeffrey Ross alluded to the parasitic relationship when he joked about the brown-eyed girl's dependence on her mom at Joan's roast, "Tonight is a perfect fit for Joan's favorite charity. Melissa."

Kris Jenner and her Kardashian-Jenner children

As the business manager behind a profitable line of products, er, children, Kris Jenner puts together million dollar deals ranging from perfume licensing to turning daughter Kim's wedding day into a money-making E! TV special. But does that give her free rein to try to control her children's personal lives? From pressuring her girls to give her more grandchildren to chiding daughter Khloe about eating too many cookies, the soon-to-be "Talk" guest host has blurred the line between mommying and momaging.

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