Does Demi Moore Deserve to Get Alimony from Ashton Kutcher?

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Does Demi Moore Deserve to Get Alimony from Ashton Kutcher?

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Demi Moore

Long maligned as a cougar who should have expected to be ditched by her much younger spouse, Demi Moore is now being called spiteful for requesting alimony from Ashton Kutcher.

The "Two and a Half Men" star publicly humiliated his then 48-year-old year old wife in 2011 when he partied and had sex with a 20-something named Sarah Leal at a hotel in San Diego -- on the couple's sixth anniversary no less. He has since taken up with 29-year-old Mila Kunis, a hot actress with whom he co-starred in "That '70s Show."

Despite being one of Hollywood's highest earning actresses in her prime, the wronged wife believes she deserves some of her husband's wealth, especially now that his star is ascending. Kutcher's replacement of Charlie Sheen on the popular CBS sitcom makes him the highest paid TV actor today. Meanwhile, 50-year-old Moore is entering that awkward age for movie actresses who -- with the exception of Meryl Streep -- are mostly relegated to playing someone's mother.

The "LOL" actress is reportedly estimated to be worth $150 million, according to ENTV, so she doesn't exactly need Kutcher's money to keep her in Louboutins and Yves Saint Laurent. But if she can get some of his millions, why shouldn't she?

In 2000, the New Mexico native reportedly received $90 million from her second husband Bruce Willis, but he was also the father of her three daughters. The "Striptease" star did not have any kids with Kutcher, who assumed the role of the girls' stepdad, despite having only a decade on her oldest daughter, Rumer Willis.

Not surprisingly, the webosphere is divided on Demi's alimony deservingness. Suggesting that the former Calvin Klein model may partly owe his celebrity status to his A-lister wife, a writer for Celebitchy asked: "Would Ashton be as famous and popular as he is if he hadn't married Demi? He was the dude from 'Punk'd' and 'Dude Where's My Car' when he met her."

TMZ, however, saw the money grab as garden variety vengeance. "(She) may be rich and famous, but she's no different from millions of scorned wives seeking revenge -- and that's why she wants spousal support from Ashton Kutcher," accused the gossip site.

Meanwhile, two readers of a post on The Superficial argued both sides of the coin. "Demi is a working woman, with quite a bit of money and can support herself with no problems. If she is seeking anything more than compensation for legal fees, she's a bitch," wrote one. The other commenter countered, "I agree with you, but he kinda deserves it because he cheated. If you can't keep it (in) your pants, don't get married."

Do you think Demi deserves to get alimony? Weigh in below.

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