What a Difference 15 Years Doesn't Make

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What a Difference 15 Years Doesn't Make

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What a Difference 15 Years Doesn't Make

Kate Winslet attended the world premiere of Titanic 3D today at the Royal Albert Hall in London, where she not only managed to make us all feel old (Titanic came out 15 years ago!) but also put the rest of Hollywood to shame with her amazing aging skills put on full display.

After a decade and a half, dare I say Kate Winslet looks even better than she did at the 1998 Golden Globes, which was roughly only a month after Titanic first premiered? Her body looks more toned up, the blond hair is super-flattering on her, and yes her skin is amazing.

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And perhaps most impressively, Kate's face isn't showing the kind of Botox abuse a few of her contemporaries (ahem Nicole Kidman) have been scaring us with in recent years.

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Clearly, here is a 36-year-old not trying too hard to stay in her 20s -- and she looks damn good doing it!

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