Did LeAnn Rimes Cut Back on Concert Tour to Babysit Her Husband?

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Did LeAnn Rimes Cut Back on Concert Tour to Babysit Her Husband?

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LeAnn Rimes

With the release of her upcoming album "Spitfire" mysteriously delayed, the latest rumor about LeAnn Rimes is she is turning down concert bookings to keep tabs on her husband. Since the singer hooked up with Eddie Cibrian when the two were married to other people, she may fear her cat will stray while she's away.

But looking at the country star's concert schedule on her official website, the rumor about LeAnn's phobia of a "Home Alone" Eddie seems as full of holes as her favorite jeans. Rimes is booked for about two dozen appearances throughout the rest of this year, mainly at second tier venues, such as a musical festival in Wyoming, several Indian casinos and the Oregon Zoo. If she were getting better offers, would she have accepted these?

The rumor was first circulated by the National Enquirer, which quoted one insider as saying, "LeAnn is worried about hitting the road and leaving Eddie to his own devices." But the tabloid does not give a specific example of the two-time Grammy winner actually turning down any bona fide concert offers.

The fact checking website Gossip Cop contacted a rep for the star who called the story "a total fabrication," though it is unlikely a spokesperson would ever confirm his client is insecure and worried about her spouse's fidelity.

Meanwhile, a story about Rimes that actually sounds like a rumor is probably true. Despite once saying "there is no reality in a reality show," she and Cibrian are reportedly shopping around the concept of a reality TV show about their life.

As anyone who follows the LeAnn Rimes-Brandi Glanville soap opera already knows, the "Playboy Club's" ex-wife Brandi Glanville became a breakout star on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," a platform that allowed her to talk trash about Rimes and even write a book that dissed the self-appointed "bonus mom." Given the competitiveness of Rimes with the first Mrs. C., it is not surprising she would relish a vehicle to show how happily married she is.

Of course, the real story that needs to be told is why a certain big-name website is refunding money to people who pre-ordered Rimes' upcoming album "Spitfire," which was originally scheduled for a March release. Aside from its curious delay, (another online retailer has listed the release date of April 16 on its site), the album is controversial because it attempts to justify some unpopular choices the artist made in her personal life. In a song called "Borrowed," for instance (and, no, we're not talking about a library book), she sings, "I wanna hold out, but I hold on / Even though I know it's wrong / Cause I don't want to give you back / I don't wanna give you back / You're the best I ever had / So I don't want to give you back / But you're borrowed."

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