So How Did Kris Jenner's Talk Show Do?

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So How Did Kris Jenner's Talk Show Do?

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Kris Jenner's new talk show focused on Kim Kardashian a bit too much

Kris Jenner's talk show "Kris" (with a heart over the "i") actually didn't do too shabby ratings-wise. However, the momager did face a few issues -- instead of talking about how Kris fared as a talk show host, most media outlets were busy pointing out her big baby fake out. She also spent too much time talking about her family.

According to The Wrap, "Kris" saw solid ratings in the shortlist of big cities where the show is being tested for six weeks. The show did well in Los Angeles, and Jenner even managed to top "Ellen" and "Dr. Phil" on Dallas' KDFW in the women 18-49 and women 25-54 demos. But perhaps the reality show star's baby photo tease is what helped her best these talk show personalities. Shortly before her show aired, she posted a photo of herself holding a baby on "The Kris Jenner Show" Facebook page. The picture was captioned, "You never know who will stop by on our show today!" However, at the end of the show, Kris revealed that the baby wasn't North West making her big debut -- instead the infant belonged to one of her staffers.

So did her little stunt impress viewers?

Not exactly. Entertainmentwise posted a few tweets about the first show, and Twitter critics were pretty tough on "Kris." One user criticized Jenner's idea of acceptable audience gifts by writing, "Oprah gives out vacations and cars and Kris Jenner is giving out #Twinkies!??" Another joked, "What going to fade faster then Tanning Mom's fake tan? #Kris." Tan Mom: now there's a great guest idea for the momager.

Newsday called Jenner out for talking about herself and her family a bit too much by writing, "Jenner proved Monday that there is no subject that she's quite as conversant in as . . . herself and her family. Despite a few segments not specifically Kardashian-related -- Twinkies, belly dancing, glow-in-the-dark lingerie -- the host always seemed to circle back to the most important subject in the world." However, you have to give Kris a little credit here -- it was probably extremely hard for the new host to stop herself from making a family member her first talk show guest. Instead her guests included her "good friend," chef Rocco DiSpirito, and Kim Kardashian's pal, belly dancer Mayte Garcia.

The Daily News also complained about Kris Jenner's focus on her family by writing, "All matters Kardashian were unquestionably the main product Jenner was selling Monday. Were it any other host, viewers might be tempted to ask if we really cared. But Jenner sailed along on the assumption unchallenged by the celebrity media that any sentence that contains the word 'Kardashian' is an interesting sentence."

So while the momager's ratings were decent, her show might start to struggle if she continues to use her family as a crutch way too much. And some viewers probably were also turned off by Jenner using a fake North West in a desperate attempt to get them to tune in.

So do you think that "Kris" will become a success, or will viewers eventually get tired of hearing stories about what's going on with Kimye?

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