Did Anna Wintour Boot Miley Cyrus From the ‘Vogue’ Cover for Twerking?

Who Else Has Been Snubbed by Fashion’s Queen Bee?

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Did Anna Wintour Boot Miley Cyrus From the ‘Vogue’ Cover for Twerking?

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MIley Cyrus sports mini shorts and fishnets in 2012

Miley Cyrus may have single-handedly gotten the word twerking added to the Oxford English Dictionary, but her sexy performance at MTV's Video Music Awards last month could cost her the cover of Vogue.

"Anna found the whole thing distasteful," an insider told The Daily Mail, adding that the former Hannah Montana would not be covering December's Vogue as previously planned.

"She (Wintour) decided, based on Miley's performance, to take the cover in a different direction," the source said.

Prior to Cyrus's racy dance routine, Wintour had allegedly hoped to tout the tongue hanging rebel as a "new fashion icon."

Whether the frosty fashion editor, who Gawker likened to an "intimidating bob of hair," was put off by the "Can't Be Tamed" singer's flesh colored vinyl bikini or overtly sexual moves is hard to say. But the Disney star is not the first diva to be humbled by the powerful fashion icon.

Kim Kardashian thought she had finally won Wintour over in May when she was invited to sup with the Manhattan socialite after whom the Meryl Streep character in "The Devil Wears Prada" was modeled. To the dismay of the then-pregnant reality TV star, Wintour did not warm up to her and cropped her out of a picture with Kanye West in the magazine's Met Gala photo gallery. Still, rumors persist that West is trying to charm his chum into casting him, Kimmie and their new baby North West on a future Vogue cover similar to the 2006 Vanity Fair cover which featured Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and a pre-kitten heeled baby Suri.

Lady Gaga is another celebrity on whom Wintour soured. After the "Born This Way" singer did a Rihanna at the 2010 Met Gala, Wintour called her a "childish diva," according to Mother Monster's biographer Maureen Callahan. "She sequestered herself in the back room for a good hour… and I also heard that she had been demanding things," wrote Callahan. "She went to Anna at the last minute and was saying, 'I'd like it to be this way.' And Anna just said no. I don't think she's used to hearing that very often. When you're dealing with two egos like that, it gets interesting." It probably didn't help that one year later Gaga inadvertently called Wintour a "bitch" in a text thinking she was replying to a message from a different Anna with whom Gaga used the word fondly.

Meanwhile, comedienne Joan Rivers has tried her best to engage Wintour in battle -- to no avail. At a Q&A interview in May, E!'s top fashion cop said, "Anyone who takes it (fashion) seriously is a fool. Anna Wintour, just take your broom and stick it up your ass." The comment was made for no apparent reason, and Wintour got her revenge by coolly ignoring the comment. The previous year, Rivers made a mean remark about Wintour hosting a $40,000 per plate dinner for then-candidate Barack Obama and joked that Sacha Baron Cohen's mockumentary "The Dictator" was "based on the Anna Wintour biography."

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