Dianna Agron Single Again: Who Should She Date Next?

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Dianna Agron is back on the market. Who should she date next?

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Dianna Agron is back on the market. Who should she date next?

"Glee's" Dianna Agron appears to be single again. According to a NY Post source, she and "Gossip Girl" star Sebastian Stan have called it quits, citing long distance as the issue.

Agron has been in LA filming "Glee" while Stan has been traveling for work but living in New York City. However, it may not be over for good. Dianna and her mother will be coming to New York for Christmas. Will she and Sebastian be able to rekindle their romance?

If Dianna and Sebastian have broken up for good, then she will not have a shortage of male admirers. Who should the "Glee" beauty consider dating next?

Chord Overstreet

Trouty Mouth may not sympathize with Quinn's "rich girl problems," but Dianna's often-troubled TV alterego was at her most well-adjusted phase when she was dating Sam. Besides, these two blonds looked adorable together.

Derek Hough

Derek appears to be single after his breakup with Lauren Conrad. Not only would Dianna and Derek make a glamorous couple, but they would also sizzle on the dance floor of "Dancing With the Stars."

Scott Michael Foster

His TV characters seem to have a thing for attractive blond women. We loved his dynamic with Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer) on "Greek." We also enjoyed seeing him romance cougar Melissa Joan Hart on "Melissa & Joey."

Elijah Wood

The "Lord of the Rings" cutie has managed to avoid many of the pitfalls that plague former child stars. And he's also proven that he has staying power in this industry.

Prince Harry

Dianna already has experience dating English men, as seen in her relationship with Alex Pettyfer. Why not give the world's most eligible ginger a try?

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