Diane Keaton Battled Bulimia - Other Stars Who Battled with Eating Disorders

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Diane Keaton

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Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton may look like she has everything pulled together, but even the Oscar winning actress has a few skeletons hiding in her closet. Back in the very early days of her career, which has spanned five decades, she caved in to the pressure to be thin thanks to a Broadway casting director.

The "Annie Hall" endured a five-year battle with bulimia after she was told she would be cast in the Broadway musical "Hair" on the condition that she drop 10 pounds. In her upcoming memoir, "The Again", the actress opens up about her struggles with the eating disorder.

"I don't think it was called bulimia then," she tells People magazine. "It was just this trick you could do. It's a horrible problem. Ugly and awful."

The 'trick' became an ongoing struggle in her life as her acting career began to take off. As her profile grew, the actress found herself hiding her secret from her family and friends. She was ultimately able to triumph over the disorder with the help of psychoanalysis.

With her admission about her struggle with the eating disorder, Diane joins an exclusive club of celebrities who have gone public with their own battles with the pressure to stay thin in Hollywood.

Here's a look at some of the celebrities who have battled with eating disorders:

Ashlee Simpson: The younger Simpson sister struggled with anorexia as a teen. She blames the pressure to stay thin with her decision to severely restrict her diet for six months as a teen. It was the help of her parents that inspired her to get healthy. These days, the newly single star is loving life with her curves.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler: Little did fans know that just as the "Sopranos" star was gaining attention in the HBO award winning drama, she was battling her own private demon - exercise bulimia. In the actress' case, she would try to burn off every calorie she ate with extreme exercising. These days the star works with the National Eating Disorder Association to help raise awareness of the issue.

Mary-Kate Olsen: At the height of her fame, the teen star started making headlines for her emaciated appearance. After months of speculation about a potential eating disorder, MK entered a treatment program for anorexia.

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