Diana Ross is Still the Boss! What She Really Thinks of the Jackson Drama

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Diana Ross is Still the Boss! What She Really Thinks of the Jackson Drama

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Diana Ross

Diana Ross is largely credited with introducing Michael Jackson to the world. The Jacksons' first hit album was called "Diana Ross Presents the Jackson 5." The Supremes' diva and the Gloved One then enjoyed a long friendship until MJ's death in 2009. The two even co-starred in "The Wiz" together as a beautifully afroed Dorothy and Scarecrow.

Despite their shared history and musical icon status, sources say that Miss Ross was surprised when her name popped up in Michael's will regarding the kids. The American Lady Diana was named as the custodian of Michael's minor children in the event that his mother Katherine Jackson is unable to care for them. It seemed odd that with sisters Janet, Rebbie and Latoya plus a slew of brothers, Michael would look outside the brood for surrogate parents to his children.

Unfortunately, the Jackson fam's very public fights in the past couple of weeks confirm that all is not well behind the gilded gates. Michael's three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, seemed to be essentially abandoned by their legal guardian and grandma Katherine. Katherine's emergence from the Miraval Spa in Arizona after being out of contact for so long left many more questions than it answered.

Thankfully Paris Jackson and eventually Prince were able to communicate their situation of distress via Twitter. Uncle T.J. Jackson stepped in and was able to get temporary legal custody. The still unfolding drama left many asking, where is Diana? Wasn't she supposed to take the kids if Katherine became incapacitated?

Have no fear, the 68-year-old songstress was legally notified of the custodial changes in guardianship. So what does Diana have to say about the matter? In a statement to the media, she urged everyone to back off. "All interests are best served if it remains private," Ms. Ross insists.

Privacy was certainly valued by Michael so his friend is saying exactly what he might have said. Diana is by all accounts an excellent mother to her children. Diana's beloved clan includes daughters Rhonda Ross Kendrick, Tracee Ellis Ross, Chudney Lane Silberstein, and sons, Ross Arne Næss and Evan Ross.

So what do you think? Are you satisfied with Ross' stance on the matter?

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