Derek Hough Pantomimes - 5 Most Notable Moments from 'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2

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Derek Hough Pantomimes - 5 Most Notable Moments from 'Dancing with the Stars' Week 2

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Derek Hough

Last night, the "Dancing With the Stars" contestants performed Latin dances. Meanwhile, Keyshawn Johnson and Sharna Burgess were sent home in the first elimination of the season. In no particular order, here's a look at the five most notable moments from last night's show.

1. Derek Hough Pantomimes

The newly-minted Emmy Award winner deserves another nod for that impromptu pantomiming we saw during his rehearsal footage. When Amber Riley learned that they would be performing the jive, she was scared that her boobs would be an impediment. That's when Derek performed an interpretive dance, pretending to crash into boobs before he fell over.

2. Val Chmerkovskiy Is a Gentleman

After Val and Elizabeth Berkley performed their samba, they abruptly turned around while Bruno Tonioli was critiquing. Not completely sure what happened, but it seemed like Val was being a gentleman and saving her from having an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction. If that's the case, then this is just one more reason to love Val!

3. Mark Ballas Lifts His Shorts

During the rehearsal footage with Christina Milian, Mark tried to encourage her to channel her inner Lady Gaga. He inexplicably started lifting his shorts and grunted, "gimme some uhhhhh!" The perennially shirtless Chmerkovskiy brothers could maybe, possibly, have gotten away with that, but on Mark, it looked pretty goofy.

4. Leah Remini Sends Message To Church of Scientology

The ex-Scientologist has been dealing with a nasty fallout since she recently left the church. As she explained, "I'm going through a personal and big change for me and my family. "The church is looking for me to fail so they can say to their parishioners, 'See what happens when you leave the church?' They're waiting for me to fail."

Leah's success on the dance floor is undoubtedly sending a very powerful message to her former church.

5. Keyshawn Johnson is a Pile of Man Tears

After performing the samba, Keyshawn interrupted Bruno to talk about what an amazing experience this has been, and how he "wasn't" going to cry. He then started blubbering about how going into the show, he had one foot in, and one foot out until he met Sharna. Who knew that this former NFL star would show such an outpouring of emotion? Those guys at ESPN are going to be ripping on him for that.

After he was eliminated, he seemed genuinely disappointed that he wasn't able to perform better for his partner. He talked about how talented she was and how "her time will come."

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