Denzel Washington Dons Gold Grill for “2 Guns”: His Five Standout Cop Roles

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Denzel Washington was recently photographed with a pair of gold teeth adorning his charming smile. Coupled with a smarmy fedora and gold chain, Washington has epitomized the Tacky Chic look-clearly a quality of his latest character in the upcoming film "2 Guns."

The movie features the smooth actor as a DEA Agent who's gone undercover as a mob criminal. But in typical Hollywood fashion, the tables turn and he realizes he's actually being set up to steal a fortune from the CIA. Yep. This is definitely a Denzel Washington film. He's had plenty of practice playing official roles-an ATF agent here, an FBI agent there. In fact, he's most noted for his varying police officer characters. Here are five of his most popular ones…

"The Mighty Quinn" (1989)

Roger Ebert referred to this movie as conceivably the best of 1989. He plays a cop charged with investigating the murder of a wealthy tropical resort owner. Indeed, it's easy to see how Washington became one of Hollywood's darlings after this performance. Following his Oscar success with "Cry Freedom", this laid-back fare proved that he could be charming and sexy on screen.

"Ricochet" (1991)

To counteract all that sweetness and light leftover from Quinn's success, directors brought the world "Ricochet"---a tense thriller that featured the legendary John Lithgow as an oily criminal out for revenge. The story was considerably darker than audiences were accustomed to. But how fun it was cheering for the rookie cop with his back against the wall.

"The Bone Collector" (1999)

What do you do when you want an Angelina Jolie crime thriller to earn double its budget? Add Denzel as a genius quadraplegic detective. Perhaps directors wanted to make up for "Fallen's" supernatural slump. In any case, "The Bone Collector" (and its "Seven"-like atmosphere) featured the suave actor putting together vague clues to catch a creepy serial killer, all from his hospital bed.

"Training Day" (2001)

This is perhaps Denzel's most popular cop role of all time. Firmly planted on the other side of the law, narcotics detective Alonzo Harris took Jake (Ethan Hawke) on a thrilling, often terrifying 24-hour ride into Los Angeles' street life. The world loved Washington's effortless take on a crooked cop. And as a result, he beat out Russell Crowe's "Beautiful Mind" for the Best Actor Academy Award in 2001.

"Inside Man" (2006)

This Spike Lee joint features a character with an internal struggle and a penchant for smooth, intelligent banter. At the box office, "Inside Man" grossed more than triple its $45 million budget---largely in part to Washington's performance as-you guessed it-a detective who must thwart a cunning bank robber's (Clive Owen) plans. A film with quite a few bends, this movie further cemented Denzel's Hollywood ranking as Top Cop.

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