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How Much Do You Know About the Star of 'Rescue Me'?

Denis Leary from 'Rescue Me'

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Denis Leary from 'Rescue Me'

The series finale of Denis Leary's TV show "Rescue Me" will air on Wednesday, September 7. How much do you really know about this comedian turned Emmy-nominated dramatic actor? Test your knowledge of Denis Leary by taking this quiz below.

Trivia Questions:

1. Denis Leary got his undergrad degree and recently received an Honorary Doctorate in the Fine Arts from which college?

2. What did Leary do for work after graduating from college and before becoming a successful comedian?

3. Leary's wife, Ann, is an author who penned her first book in 1990. What was the name of the autobiography?

4. Which one-man comedy show propelled Leary to stardom after it was broadcast on Showtime?

5. What family member did Denis Leary lose to a fire, prompting the creation of The Leary Firefighters Foundation and his deep involvement with the heroic men and women?

6. What was Leary's first breakout film role?

7. What is the name of the book Leary wrote in 2008, a satirical commentary on the state of the American people?

8. How many Emmy Awards has Denis Leary won through the years?

9. Which blockbuster film franchise will feature Leary in the upcoming installment due in theaters summer 2012?

10. Leary's book "Suck on This Year," released in 2010, is a collection of what kind of writings?

Trivia Answers:

1. Leary graduated from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, after studying in their creative writing program.

2. He taught comedy writing at his alma mater Emerson College.

3. Ann Leary wrote "An Innocent, a Broad " about the time she spent in London after the premature birth of her first child when a two-day excursion turned into months in a foreign city.

4. Leary's one-man show "No Cure for Cancer" opened doors for the comedian leading to book deals, high-profile appearances and movie gigs.

5. In 1999 Leary's cousin , Jerry, a firefighter in Worcester, Massachusetts, perished in a blaze at an abandoned warehouse in the city prompting Dennis to start the charitable organization.

6. In 1994 Leary starred in "The Ref" as a petty thief who held a bickering couple hostage on Christmas Eve.

7. Leary's book "Why We Suck: A Feel Good Guide to Starying Fat, Loud, Lazy and Stupid" was on the New York Times Bestsellar list for six months.

8. Leary has been nominated for four Emmy Awards - one for the HBO film "Recount" and three for "Rescue Me" - but he has never taken home the statue.

9. Leary will play policeman George Stacy in the upcoming film "The Amazing Spider-Man " starring Andrew Stone as Peter Parker.

10. Leary wrote a paperback book called "Suck on This Year ," which is a collection of insightful, 140-character Tweets that comment on the world around him.

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