Demi Moore Treated for “Exhaustion”: Examining Celebrity “Breakdowns”

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Demi Moore

As if things couldn't be worse for actress Demi Moore, the "Ghost" star was hospitalized for "exhaustion." The media circus that her divorce has created might have a little something to do with her less than healthy appearance as of late. It's normal to gain or lose weight during trying times. Many might agree that a little medical attention couldn't hurt in this instance. But this isn't the first time that we've heard of famous people being "exhausted" to the point that they're hospitalized or treated medically.

It's no secret that this term has been used to describe the off-moments of those celebs that have gone a tad overboard with the libations. But it's typically this word that we like to use when we're implying that a Hollywood star has a drug problem or a mental issue. While we know this isn't always the case, this all-encompassing term seems to hold quite a few connotations.

Sometimes, medical conditions are legitimately responsible for those vague exhaustion reports:

Kevin Federline recently raised eyebrows with two recent hospitalizations. Brit's ex, who has gained significant weight since their split in 2007-was carted off to hospital after experiencing chest pains and a racing heart; he was working on a weight-loss reality show.

Tracy Morgan 's recent bout with exhaustion occurred at Sundance; the "30 Rock" star (who's had kidney problems in the past) passed out---apparently due to the altitude.

Reality sensation Susan Boyle was treated for it as well. But it was surmised that her anxiety over instant success (and ensuing mental state) on "America's Got Talent" might have been a compelling cause of her condition.

Other notable cases have been bathed in uncertainty:

In 2010, Wyclef Jean was hospitalized while working on a new album. That same year Lady Gaga collapsed on stage while performing and was rushed away for treatment. Rihanna's cancelled a couple of shows due to the infamous ailment. But considering all the traveling, gyrating, partying, and fanfare surrounding these two pop queens' active lifestyles, we'd probably be hospitalized for exhaustion too.

Long hours on the road, rehearsing and pushing through the rigorous machinations of putting on a good show---are all feasible reasons that entertainers simply give out. But in addition to pushing the limits of physical stamina, exhaustion seems nothing more than a catchall phrase for the consequences of bad behavior.

After all, don't regular people go to the doctor for illnesses that are usually identified and treated? The fallout from Demi Moore's split from Ashton Kutcher appears to have taken its toll, physically. Divorce (especially in the public eye) is exhausting. It's understandable that you don't take great care of yourself when you're depressed. But we've yet to see a real medicine that cures "being tired"; rest is always the reported "treatment" for the celeb's bout with "exhaustion." In retrospect, this expression is probably the most reasonable generic diagnosis for ailments that are probably better kept private. Still, it's like the doctor is saying: "Hey you, you're exhausted. Sit down for a while,"---and then he sends you a bill. Now, that's a cure.

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